3. april 8, 2007

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"Angel! Why don't you go up to your room with Harry while the Easter Bunny hides eggs in the yard?" George called to his six year old daughter as she lingered in the kitchen with her mother, snacking on robin's egg chocolates.

"Okay! He better not take long!" She huffed, leaving the kitchen towards Harry in the living room. The now fifteen year old was texting on his black Motorola Razor and Elle climbed up next to him, "Daddy said we need to go to my room so the Easter Bunny can hide eggs."

"Oh yeah?" Harry asked, immediately shutting his phone and pocketing it, "Well let's go then."

He picked the growing child up and rested her on his hip as they ascended the stairs, Harry's phone dinging in his jeans.

"Who's that?" Elle asked, hopping into her small bed.

Harry sat beside her, "Felicity."

Elle crossed her arms, "Is that your girlfriend?"

Harry nodded, "Yes, she is."

Elle smiled, "Is she pretty?"

Harry felt himself blush, "Yes, very."

Elle swayed back and forth a little, cheeks flushed. She had a little crush on Harry and Anne and Monica thought it was the cutest thing.

"Not as pretty as me, right Harry?"

He chuckled, tussling her hair before scooping her up onto his lap, "No! Of course not as pretty as you!"

She laughed as he tickled her and George came in, "Ready to hunt some eggs?"

Elle squealed in delight before stumbling out of bed and down the stairs, Harry following. George was outside recording on the video camera as she ran out the back door. Monica was there with an Easter basket and her father laughed when she took it in her tiny hands.

Elle grabbed Harry's wrist, "Help me!" He laughed as he followed the tiny blonde, excited to find candy. "Are you finding a lot, angel?" George asked from the patio.

She nodded, picking up little colored eggs left and right, eagerly running around the yard until she tripped on the garden hose, basket spilling into the grass.

"Oh, angel!" Her father called, handing the camera to Monica and running over to her.

"Sweetheart, did you fall?" Harry cooed, helping her sit up as George put the eggs back into the basket. Harry brushed hair out of Elle's face as she cried, "Harry! I hurt my knee!"

Harry sighed, picking her up. George smiled, "I can take her if you want, Harry."

Harry smiled softly, "No it's okay, I've got her." The teen took her inside as she cried, burying her face into his shoulder. He went into the bathroom downstairs and set her on the counter, opening a cabinet to look for a first aid kit.

She kept crying and Harry tried to calm her, "Sweetheart, it's okay. Everything's alright, Harry's here."

He found the box of bandages and antibiotic ointment, setting them on the counter beside the child. He wet a washcloth and gently cleaned off her knee, "Shhh, Elle-bear, you're okay."

He put on the ointment before placing a Cinderella bandaid over the wound, "There you go, all better! A princess for a princess!"

She hugged him as she sniffled, starting to stop the tears. He pulled back and held her shoulders, "Ready to go back outside?"

She wiped her nose and nodded, Harry helping her off of the counter and holding her hand to walk her back out.

"Are you alright, angel?" George asked, kneeling down as she came back outside. She nodded and hugged her father. He grinned, "Good! Okay, finish hunting your eggs!"

She giggled slightly, mood improving again as she picked up her basket and ran back into the yard.

Harry stood by George, holding the camera again, and George leaned over to him, "Thank you, man. I couldn't stand if anything were to happen to her."

Harry shook his head, "Me either."

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