2. september 23, 2002

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"Happy birthday, dear Elle," friends and family sang as Monica set a small cake in front of her two year old daughter at the table, "Happy birthday to you!"

Everyone clapped and cheered as Elle kicked her chubby little legs and blew the two candles out. She gently touched the purple frosting on top of the small round cake as her mom recorded a video on her camcorder.

George snapped pictures, "Look at daddy, angel! Hi sweetie!"

Elle smiled at her father as she examined the cake. After gingerly touching the frosting again, she smushed her little hands into the baked good before licking her fingers. Laughing, she smashed the cake and ate bits of it, getting purple and white frosting and cake crumbs all over herself.

Harry watched the baby and laughed at the silly behavior, taking a napkin from a stack on the table, "Oh Elle, you're getting all messy!"

He gently wiped some of the frosting from her face and Anne smiled at Monica, still recording. "Awe, that's very sweet, Harry," his mother cooed as he cleaned the toddler. Harry lifted her out of her booster seat and took her over to the counter, sitting her by the sink.

He wet a paper towel under the faucet and began dabbing at the spots he missed before as Elle giggled, "Harry! Ousside!"

"You want to go outside?" He asked her. She nodded eagerly and looked over at Anne. His mother agreed and Harry brought Elle off the counter and held her tiny hand as they walked into the backyard.

He lifted her onto her swing set George had built when she was born, Elle only recently being old enough to use it.

"Hold on tight!" Harry laughed, pushing her back and forth on the swing. Her long white blonde hair flowed behind her as she shrieked and laughed, feeling the sunbeams on her face.

She was in pure bliss. George came outside and snapped some photos, grinning at the sight of his daughter's joy. George doted on her. Gave her everything she ever wanted. She was his little angel.

The swing slowed and she hopped off of it when it came to a stop, waddling over to her father who scooped her up in his arms, twirling her. She laughed and Harry smiled. She had the same effect on him as well.

He didn't like admitting it because he didn't want to seem soft, but he loved her a lot and liked to play with her. Harry followed George and Elle inside, everyone gathering in the living room for presents. Harry offered to sit at the presents table and give all of them to Elle one by one.

Of course, he saved his present to her for last.

He handed her the box wrapped in Cinderella wrapping paper (which he picked out himself) and she clapped, about to tear it open. Her mother stopped her briefly, "Elle-bear! What does the label say? From...."

Elle looked at the little tag on the box and she clapped, "Harry!"

The ten year old smiled, "Open it!"

She tore the paper away and her mother helped her open the cardboard box revealed underneath. A shiny pink and black soccer ball rolled out.

"Oh, Harry!" Monica gushed, "How sweet! Elle-bear you can become a soccer player like Harry now!"

Harry grinned mischievously, "No, she'll be a football player!"

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