1. september 23, 2000

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"Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, it's a healthy baby girl!" The blonde nurse grinned as she carried the newborn child over to be taken care of. Monica grinned and squeezed her husband's hand as a tear fell from his eye.

"Dad," the nurse turned to him, "Would you like to come cut the umbilical cord?"

George nodded, beaming like mad, as they handed him the shears and he made the pivotal cut. Two other nurses cleaned up Monica and got her some water while George carried their angelic daughter in his arms, "She's so pretty..."

Monica nodded, "Our little baby girl..." she stroked the soft forehead of the infant. George continued to cry, unable to contain his emotions about his lovely daughter. He knew he would treasure her forever.

"Oh, honey, do you want to go get Anne and Harry? I can take her," Monica offered, holding her arms out to accept the baby girl. George nodded, leaving the room briefly into the waiting area. He couldn't stop from grinning as he walked out to tell his wife's best friend and her son. Monica and Anne had met in college when Anne moved to California from England, and they had been inseparable ever since.

"Well what is it?" Anne asked, beaming.

"It's a little baby girl," George barely spoke above a whisper. The couple had decided to not reveal the sex early to avoid any bias from the family.

The eight year old boy sitting beside his mother wrinkled his nose, "I wanted it to be a boy."

Anne gave her son a small tap over the head, "Harry! You are going to apologize to George right now."

Harry pursed his lips and twisted them to the side, looking down at his lap, "Sorry uncle George...I'm sure she's very pretty."

George nodded, smiling, "She is, would you like to come see her?"

As much as little Harry didn't want to admit it, he really did, so he nodded eagerly. George took the boy's hand as he hopped out of the chair, walking him into the hospital room with Anne following behind.

When they entered, George saw his wife cradling their daughter and was full of love that couldn't even be described. He had waited so long for this moment.

Anne went and sat by Monica, brushing her hair with her fingers and cooed over the baby, "Do you have a name yet?"

Monica shook her head as Harry peered over her arm to see the child, "No, no I don't think we do...sort of a problem isn't it?" She laughed.

Harry wanted to be helpful, so he thought of the first and only girl's name that came to mind, "You should call her Cinderella."

Anne giggled, "Well now, I don't think that'll work, love."

George smiled, "But Elle might...what do you think, Monica? Little Elle?"

"Elle Matthews," Monica tested the name out in her mouth, inserting her mother's name in the middle, "Elle Alice Matthews...I think it's beautiful."

Anne smiled, "Welcome to the world, Elle."

Harry was proud of his naming skills and beamed, eyes still locked on the infant. In his tiny British accent he spoke, "She's so little..."

Monica smiled down to him, "I remember when you were that little!"

He crossed his arms, "Hey! I was never that little!"

George laughed, scooping him up to make him fly, "That's right, you're a big strong Superman!" Harry's giggles and shrieks filled the room as he kicked his legs in the air.

George set the boy back on his feet and Harry continued to laugh. Anne smiled to her friend, "You know Harry's going to be doing that to Elle soon enough."

Monica smiled, eyes focused on her little angel, "I can't wait."

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