Chapter 8

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My head was all over the place, I was quietly sobbing into Blazes chest. I dread to think what would have happened if he didn't show up.

"It's okay sweetheart" He whispered squeezing me closer to him.

Pulling back slightly I looked into his eyes "Is he d-dead?" I stuttered still not being able to control my tears.

"Might be once Tommy and Jared are done with him" He growled letting one arm slip from my waist so he could wipe away my tears. "Lets get you home darlin'" He said wrapping his arm around my shoulder and leading me to my car.

Tommy and Jared were here too? It wasn't time for one of them to drop by and check on me. Why were they here? Hearing Adams cries of pain I froze "P-please get me home Blaze" I cried a new set of tears rolling down my cheeks.

The car ride home was quiet but never once did he let go of my hand. Everything that happened kept playing over and over in my head. What did I do to deserve this? I wasn't a bad person, I never done anything to upset or mislead anyone. How can there be such bad people in this world?

As we turned onto my street Blaze drove my car up the drive and cut the engine. I was still shaken up, my body distraught with fear. Opening my car door I hopped out and went straight inside. Running up the stairs I made a bee line for the bathroom, leaning over the toilet and throwing up my insides.

Standing up I turned the shower on and began ripping my clothes off. I could still feel him on me everywhere. His touch his scent. Climbing into my shower I slid down the wall, pulling my knees up to my chin I lay my head there.

"Ava baby" Blaze whispered causing me to lift my head. Watching his features turn to anger I let my head fall back against my knees.

Feeling his presence infront of me before I knew what was happening I was craddled in his arms.

"No one will ever hurt you again" He snarled carrying me out the bathroom "Which room Ava?".

Pointing infront of me he carried me into my room and settled with me on my bed. Cradling me to him he grabbed my comforter and wrapped it around me.

"What are you going to do about him?" I asked listening to the sound of his racing heartbeat.

"Fucker will wish he was never born" He growled kissing the top of my head.

Hearing a knock on my front door I jumped slightly "Whos that?" I whispered fear taking over my body. What if it was the police?

"Relax baby it'll just be the guys. Put on some clothes I'll be back in a minute" He said pecking my lips before dissappearing and leaving me on my own.

Throwing on my pjs I slipped an oversized hoodie on top and then made my way downstairs stopping on the last stair.

"How's she doing?"

"Not good man she's hardly spoke two words since we got back. What if we hadn't shown up? That mother fucking asshole better be sorted" Blaze growled

Plucking up the courage I stepped into the livingroom all eyes stopping on me. Glancing at them I noticed the anger written all over there faces, even Jared looked ready to kill.

"Hey darling" Tommy said giving me a small smile.

"Hi" I whispered standing awkwardly in the door way.

Looking at Blaze I saw the murderous look on his face. Making my way in I sat on my favourite chair and pulled my knees up to my chin.

"Motherfucker should have been put to ground" Jared growled.

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