The after party

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"Billie if you come over I'm not fucking you" I said sternly
"Why?" She pouted
"Because I can't"
Billie paused and looked like she was thinking hard
"Okay but can I...?"

Billie bit her lip and smiled and then winked at me and I knew I fucked up


I was high as fuck so I had to Uber home I stood out in front of the house and waited for the Uber.
Billie walked outside and came and stood next to me.
She looked me in the face and then looked down and bit her lip looking back up.
"Billie no"
"What?" She said with a devilish smirk
I kissed my teeth and looked away

I see my Uber in the distance it's a matte white Tesla I walk over to it and get in with Billie the drive back to my house was pretty far so I thought I could always take a nap.

"Hello sir how are you on this beautiful night?"
"Hey I'm all aight um yeah.. what bout you?"
"Good,. hello ma'am how are you?"
"I'm okay thank you for asking"
We start to drive in about 15 minutes into the drive Billie Whisperers in my ear
"Please..." she pulls away biting her bottom lip
"No" I mouthed to her

She looks away disappointed
Another 8 minutes go by and she hasn't said a word and something in me made me grab her thigh and Billie breathed really hard when I did tha causing the driver to look at us through his rear view mirror
"You guys okay?" He asked only being able to see his eyes

"Yeah man, could you put some music on though" I say still gripping Billies
"Yeah no problem sir" he turns on the radio and plays a random song

I rub Billies thigh while looking at her looking out the window, she was trying to ignore me but I always want her attention when she won't give me it. I move my hand slowly down her leg reaching her thong and I slid my hand up to where her bellybutton to slide it back down slowly underneath her thong and slid my finger in between the folds of her pussy and I hear her breathe heavily again

"Mmm" She moans and closes her eyes
I see the Uber driver look back at us again and I just smiled at him and he looked away
I start to rub her clit slowly listening to ever breath she made and watching her close her eyes and bite her lip turned me on like really turned me on.

She then spreads her legs giving me more room to move my hand I moved my hand in a circular motion and Billie bit her sweater sleeve and let out a loud moan
"You guys sure you are okay?"
"Yeah man I'm positive could you turn the music up a bit more I love this song"

He turned the music up more
And about 5 minutes later we got to my house I moved my hand out from her underwear and she just looked at me with a scared face

"What?" I asked worried
"I'm really wet" she whispered
"Okay come on" I laughed as we got out
I thanked the driver and walked up to my apartment
I get to the door and open it and look at Billie and threw her against the wall

"Uhh" she moaned as I sucked on her neck
"Fuuuuuck mmm" She said as I suck my fingers inside her I kiss her lips and she bit my bottom lip
"You shouldn't ignore me mamas" I said
Billie giggles and looks me into my eyes like she was studying me but like in a really hot way.

I pick her up and she wraps her legs around me and I walk to my bed and lay her down I pull my shirt off
"Wait wait wait" Billie says
I immediately jump off her

"I need to pee" Billie says looking at me serious
"Okay go pee" she looks at me serious
"So go pee you freaking weirdo" I laughed

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