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The characters and events depicted in this book are all fictional. Any similarity to any actual person, creative piece or to any event is coincidental and unintentional. Everything you are about to read is completely made up and is literally a figment of my imagination.

Initially I wasn't going to add a face to any of the characters but a poll was made and the results were that more persons were in favor of another Chris Brown and Rihanna fan fiction. With that said, they are only playing the characters so their personality traits will be depicted otherwise, think of them as the actors.

I am not trying to taint their real life images !

I've went ahead and used some of my favorite actors from some of the series I've watched, again they are just playing the roles of which I've written.

This book is filled with explicit details such as sexual acts and violence to an extent. If you are homophobic then stop reading here as characters will be seen who fits the criteria. If you are against supernatural activities due to religious beliefs etc then I'm so sorry maybe another time. Also no this will not and I repeat this will not be any vamps vs werewolves twilight madness type of book lol Sorry. Mystical creatures are involved just not those.

I am stepping out of my comfort zone and completely exploring. I have been writing two books the one I've been yapping about I have a major! Writer's block after the 20th chapter so I've decided to just put this one out. Y'all know I've BEEN nervous but I really hope you enjoy and also the video below is the trailer with the cast/characters . If you've read my last book Unapologetic then you know I go all out not only in the plot of my books but in the trailers as well lol hope you like it❤️.

Posting a few chapters currently proofreading and editing the rest.

Add this book to your library ❤️


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