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Wally P.O.V

So we as a team headed off to the Mall. Megan wanted new cooking stuff since she wants to get better at it. But we stopped at Hot Topic since Robin wanted to see if they had a Batman shirt.

I froze when my eyes landed on it.. They made one.. Of me! A Kid flash plushie!!! The suit was my old suit but it was correct. My hair was a little messed up but that didn't matter to me. I had huge green eyes.. My head was huge but still I looked hot......

"So you ready to leave?" Robin asked holding a hot topic bag..
"Umm.." I said before staring at it again.
"You going to get it?" Robin asked.
"Hmm.... Well why not.. It can be a reminder to all of you how hot I am." I said.
"You wish." Artemis muttered under her breath which I happen to have heard.
"There's no wishing it's the truth." I said.

Well I bought it... A huge smile across my face. I can't wait to open it!...

We got into the car... We could have taken the Bio ship but we wanted to be normal so Black Canary drove us there in a soccer mom van.

So when I sat down in her soccer mom van at least that's what we call it. I was beside a empty seat then Robin on the other side.

I tore the box open.. Man this is so cool it can go along with my Flash plushie.. Mine looks better than his...

"What's that?" Dinah asked.
"A stuffed animal of him." Artemis said.
"Actually it's a plushie." Robin responded.
"Yeah get it right! Any how your just jealous your not as hot as me.. Right Megan?" I said.
"Uhhh.. Yes Wally." Megan said.
"See she gets it." I said.

"Robin What's that?" Dinah asked.
"Well it's A Batman shirt and Batman plushie." Robin said.

Pulling out his plushie..

"Kidflash!" Robin said holding his Batman plushie and saying in his Batman tone. Which actually sounded like the dark and brooding man.
"Yes?" My plushie responded.
"Your stupid." Robin made his plushie say.
"That's Rude and also!" I said before making mine slap his in the face..

We started making our plushies fight each other.

"There playing with toys!" Artemis complained and with a smirk across her face.

Batman won.... That As-

"Wait I've gotta idea." I said with a huge smile this idea will be perfect.
"Oh boy wonder what this is." Robin said in a sarcastic tone.
"And that's why your called Boy of Wonder." I said with a huge smile.
"Hey!" Robin said.
"The villains first time seeing you was like 'oh boy wonder who that is... And why is he always Wondering stuff.. Wait that's perfect for him Boy of wonder'." I said laughing.

Robin gave me a bat glare.. Its not as scary has Batman's but its still pretty scary.

I took my kid flash plushie and put it on the seat and buckled him in.

"Safety first." I said.
"Yeah... Wish you could fly out the window." Robin muttered.
"Robin's being salty." I said.
"I agree with Robin." Artemis said.
"Rude!" I yelled.

Author Note: Thanks for reading this. please Tell me your thoughts! I actually got the Idea for this when I was in the car from the mall which is where I got Kid flash plushie.

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