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I walked to my dads office with the entire crew -except Shawn and his new mate- behind me.

"Guys I don't need to follow me around you know?" I said as I sighed. They feel like it is their duty to protect me since they think I can do something as stupid as following the rogues again like I did almost a year ago.

"Well we all want to know what you want to discuss so why not?" Victoria said and I sighed. I can never win with them.

I entered the office knowing he wasn't really busy but stopped short when I saw him and Derrick playing cards while my mom and Sarah sat on the couch gisting.

"If this is what being a king is about then I don't mind one bit." Grayson said jokingly as he went to joking them in their game but I pulled him back.

"Guys I need to talk to you about something." I said as I sat down in front of him.

Normally I would have joined them in their game and beat their ass but since they saw how serious I was, they all gave me their undivided attention.

Luci suddenly entered the room making everyone jump and enchanted then room to which I nodded in thanks. That woman just appears out of no where, she still scares the shit out of me.

"What is the matter Dawn?" Derrick asked.

"I want my coronation on the day of the blue moon." I said with all seriousness.

"What? Why?" My dad asked

"I thought you said till after the war? Why have it on the day of the war?" Sarah asked.

I shrugged "Cause the war won't happen."

"What do you mean won't happen?"Michael asked.

"I had a lengthy discussion with mother guys, she let me in on a lot of things and one of it being that the war won't happen. See the plan is that once we are all on the field waiting to fight, he would come in with his army and witch and attack the pack from another angle.

He wants to gain more followers and he knows if he has half of the royal pack under his control, bringing down other packs won't be a problem. We all know he is a power stingy fool. His original plan to mate with me is still in box but he knows that I have a very possessive mate who won't let that happen.

So he is trying to take our warriors and pack members bit but bit while doing the same with other packs. Once he has control, capturing me will be easy for him. At least that's what he thinks. From what I know, he is also forming an alliance with vampires. None of the witches agreed since they won't want to face the wrath of Luci which leaves him with only one witch and those she managed to possess with her black magic."

They all stayed silent letting what I said sink in. I know it is a lot but they just have to trust me.

"So what does your coronation has to do with it?"

"Since it is on that day, he would know we are not buying his plan and since everyone's would be inside the hall except patrol guards, he won't be able to take anyone, hell he won't even be able to pass the border cause they will be a barrier that will alert either Luci or I about it.

And I want my coronation that day because the real fun only starts after then, all I need is the authority and my plan will start." I said. Not like I have any plan though.

"Anyway, we trust you. Oh I can't wait to see you that day, I still remember mine like it was yesterday. But the question is are you sure you are ready?" My mom asked. She will be handing over her authority as queen to me, and being queen is really a big task.

"Yes mom, I am." I said confidently.

"And are you?" Dad asked Grayson.

Taking hold of my hand with a smile he face my dad "As long as she is with me, I am ready for anything." He answered confidently.

My parents nodded in approval "Well Guys, we have a coronation to plan."

Let's the fun begin.

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