chapter 1

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I was in my room packing up the last of my things for the big move that will change my life forever.

Excuse me where are my manners my name is Desiree Kina Moore. I'm fourteen years old and live in New York, well I guess I can now say I live in California since that's where me and my family are moving to.

It's almost the end of summer and I will be a sophomore in high school.I know what you're thinking aren't you just 14,well yes I'm 14 but I worked really hard in school so I got to skip my freshman year. Anyways let's talk about my personality. I'm sweet,fun,and love to listen to music and dance,I can sometimes be shy around new people or people I don't know but other then that I'm pretty cool once I get to know you. Don't get me wrong I can sometimes have a smart mouth and can be what some people call "mean" or "rude" but I say you start with me I start with you.

Now that you know a little about me let's get back to this big move that me and my family are having. Like I said before it's almost the end of summer and all of a sudden my dad got this big promotion in California and now we all have to move there. Don't get me wrong I'm happy he got a promotion,but I'm just saying California really?!. I just don't want to leave New York, my life is here it's the only place I have ever known. And plus all my friends are here I don't want to leave them,especially my best friend Mya. We have been best friends since we were pretty much babies because my mom and her mom have been friends since high school. She would be a sophomore also,because we both worked really hard in school plus she is my partner in crime,we are always up to something.

 I guess I just have to try and get over it key word TRY. I was kicked out of my thoughts by my sister Niya she's only 9 but she acts like she's my age. "De-De come on,man you're so slow mom says you need to hurry up it's a 44 hour drive and we need to hit the road so hurry up." she practically yells at me.

"Tell mom I'm coming this would be a lot more easier if I had a little more help."I say as I finish packing my last box. she comes in and takes one of the boxes and leaves out my room before I can even say thank you.

'Rude' I thought to myself.

Well I really don't blame her it's like 5:00 in the morning. As I pick up my last box I take one more look at my old room. I let out a sigh before closing my room door and walking out of my old house where I have so many memories. As I make it outside I see my dad putting some boxes in the U-Haul.

"Wait,wait,wait don't close it yet I have one more box to put in."I said as I reach the truck.

"Took you long enough."he says

"Ha-Ha real funny you should be a comedian"I say my voice full of sarcasm.I hear him chuckle at my sarcastic reply. my mom comes from the front of the truck with my sister right behind her."So I'm going to follow you on the car while I take the two oldest and you take the two youngest ones, right?My parents have a 2014 Dodge Durango it's a silver-grayish color I love it but I want a BMW.

"Yep and on the way we'll stop  and get some breakfast"My mom nods her head and pecks him on the lips. We all got into our designated vehicle and started on our way to California. Good-bye New York, hello California.

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