(two) Im Sorry

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(Eddie's 16 and Richie 17 btw) <3

Eddie's POV

WOW, I JUST KISSED RICHIE FUCKING TOZIER! I've had a crush on him since like 7th grade!
As I walked in the door to the house I suddenly heard my mom say "Oh Eddie-Bear I've been worried sick! You're late for getting home i hope you know!"

"Yes mom i know! I was just helping um..  Ben with a project for school." I replied. "Do not call me mom please, you can call me mommy and thats it!" She said with a sad tone in her voice.

"Okay mommy" i said and walked upstairs with a big smile on my face.

Eddie texing Richie

Eddie: hey
Richie: hey spaghetti boy
Eddie: don't call me that!
Richie: you know you love it ;)
Richie: so, did you need something?
Eddie: yeah, so when i kissed you earlier, im sorry if you didn't want me to do it...
Richie: oh, well um I kinda liked it.
Eddie: cool
Richie: cool
Richie: hey eds?
Eddie: yeah chee?
Richie: meet me at the quarry, i gotta tell you somethin'
Eddie: alright. See you there.

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