"I'm Only Nineteen But My Mind is Older!"

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"Meet the latest graduate from King's College.

I probably shouldn't brag but dang I amaze and astonish."


[What you two would be like in high school as either best friends or a couple! + How will he act while in school!]


Aoi Valt

[Sophmore - Second Year!]

[What's he like in school?]

- ok i think we all know that Valt isn't the very best at school lmao

- my best guess is that he's a straight C or B student

- but he would be the type of person that would sleep during classes, and then would get all of the notes from Shu

- would also be the type of eat during class

[As friends!]

- he's the type of guy to actually give you cookies from his mom's bakery whenever you're sad

- would always make you laugh no matter what

- Valt would always distract you from studying, but hey, who cares lmao

- Valt is also the type of person that would be disappointed if you were to ever skip class (like a really gentle mom)

[As a couple!]

- youre mere presence makes him excited and 10x happier

- this boy is a big fan of PDA and isnt afraid to show the world youre his

- Valt would leave adorable letters on your locker

- expect a lot of gifts during school and him showing you off to his friends.

Aoi Tokonatsu

[Freshman - First Year!]

[What's he like in school?]

- teachers pet, end of story

- he's also a really nice person that can easily be taken advantage of which is honestly a little sad

- Tokonatsu would also be the type of person to be an overachiever and exceeds the teacher's expectations

- he's also the type of person who always, ALWAYS, gives something for school charity and it's honestly so cute

[As friends!]

- he's like one of those birds at 4 am during summer. he doesn't know how to shut the fuck up

- jk please don't hurt me. but either way, what I'm trying to say, Tokonatsu is pretty talkative

- Tokonatsu would always bring extras of his lunch to share with you any time

- if you have depression or any other mental diagnosis, Tokonatsu will try his best to comfort you whenever that happens

[As a couple!]

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