Chapter 1: To Begin With...

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Everything about her is perfect...From her eyes to the way she walks...I can't help but love her but it is forbidden...We cannot love one another...If we do there will be consequences, maybe even death...I can't get over her but I must. It may kill me but it's all for her...

I'm in my office waiting for my 10:00 meeting when there is a knock at the door. It's Kara. She walks in and sits down in front of me. "What are you doing here I thought you had a huge story to cover?"
"I do, but I need some help."
"I need your opinion on something."
She shows me a dress that looks stunning. It's black and highlights every part of her body.
"It's stunning. But why do you need an opinion on it?"
"It's for a party at CatCo, I want to know if it's too fancy."
"It's perfect and it will look gorgeous on you."
"Thank you! You've cleared all of my doubts about it. I got to go but can we get lunch later?"
"Of course. I'm free at 1:30."
"Sounds great. See you then!"
As she walks out of my office, I can't help but look at her ass. I think to myself, "Wow," but I stop myself when my 10:00 walks in.

Later that day

I'm about to walk out of my office when Kara comes in,
"Lena, where are you going? It's lunchtime!"
Kara smiles as she pulls out burgers and fries from a to-go bag. She's always happy when there is food in front of her. I can't help but smile when she does. It's contagious.

After lunch we walk over and sit in the couch. We talk for hours and can't stop. We are in the middle of an amazing conversation when her phone rings.
"It's Alex, I have to answer it."
She walks out of the office to answer it and I pull out my phone. Thirty notifications while we were talking. How did this happen. I must have been distracted. This can't happen I'm a CEO. I look through all of them and find the most important one. It's from James, something about CatCo. I click on it to check it out when Kara walks back in.
"There's an emergency at CatCo I have to get going."
"Oh no. What happened?"
"Ummm... a ummmm... hacker hacked .... all my files so I ummmm... have to recover them. Where's Win when you need him am I right?"
She says that with a small laugh in her throat. Like she's lying to cover something up. I own CatCo so I know that there is no way Alex could have found this out before me. Something is up. I have to find out. So I quickly look at my phone to see if James is telling me the hacker problem but it was quite the opposite. Just some layout problems. She lied to me. But about what? I'll look into it one day, but for now I can forget about it. She might have lied to keep me safe. It comforts me to think she would do that. It makes me fall in love with her even more.

Four Hours Later

Lena is watching the news and is about to fall asleep when the main story comes on...

"Breaking News:
Supergirl is spotted taking out an alien trying to rob a bank. Several people are injured during the robbery but Supergirl gets them all to safety before taking him down"

"Absolutely amazing. She does it again. Risking her life and saving people like is nothing, like it's her full time job. I wonder if she has a day job, because superheroes need to pay their bills too, right? I need to speak with her again. I need to see her again."
My thoughts are interrupted when Kara walks into my office.
"Twice in one day Kara. Is there something wrong?"
"No of course not. Is it wrong for a person to want to see their best friend?"
Those two words hurt life a knife through the chest. Best Friend. It pains me like no one knows.
"No it's not. You've just haven't done this in a while. So my mind wandered."
"Yeah. I'm sorry things have just been really hectic lately and I need my friend now."
"I'm here for you Kara. Forever and always."
"I sure hope you mean that."
"I do."
I mean it. I will be here for her forever and always. I will do anything for her, be anything for her. All because she is my everything, and I hope one day I am hers.

The next morning I wake up to find my house that same way it was when I went to sleep. I walk into my kitchen, put the coffee on, and get the news app open and ready to read. "There's a lot of stuff about Supergirl this morning. I wonder what she did? Wow. Save a school bus from going over the side of a bride. Impressive."
My thoughts are interrupted by my phone ringing. It's Kara. I wonder why?
"Hello Kara."
"Hey Lena I have a question for you."
"Ask away." I answer.
"Would you like to join me, James, and Alex for game night tomorrow?"
"Really, you want me to come?"
"Yes of course! I always want you to hang out!"
"Okay then. I'll come to your game night. What shall we be playing?"
"Sorry. I got carried away. What will we be playing? And what time?"
"It's at 6:00, and I don't know for sure what game we will be playing; ask me tomorrow and I'll have an answer."
"Okay then, I'll see you at 6:00."
"Alrighty see you then!"
Yes! I'm so excited for tomorrow night. I'm going to tell her how I really feel. I am. I really am. I'm going to build up the courage to tell her and if she doesn't feel the same way then who cares right. Right? Oh no. What have I gotten myself into?

A/N: This is my first fanfic so please tell me if I should continue.

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