Even Demons Have Their Own Inner Demons

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The very thing that we were told about since the beginning was standing in front of me. A creature of pure evil but had looks of the Angel she once was. Foaris still had her shadows around me, crushing my bones as I gasped for breath. My robes and talismans were tangled in my silver hair. "But I thought... Aurora—"
"Aurora isn't here right now. She'll be here in a second though..."
"Then where is she?! Bring her back, you Demon!!!"
Foaris leaned in closer, her breath cold against my skin as she looked at me square in my eyes. "Say one more thing and I'll kill you right here." She hissed, fangs sharp and pointed as she snarled at me. Fear rushed through me.

"I need to tell everyone!" I thought as I wrestled against the coil of black keeping me there. "Where... is she?!" I choked. "I'll be a sacrifice if I have to..." The red within her eyes flashed. "She's alive."
"...Oh thank Gods..."
She released me and I fell to the ground coughing, the dark black mist dissolving around her. "I doesn't matter anyway..."
"What are you—"

(Aurora's POV)
The woman mumbled Daemona, a clearly fluent speaker just like me. The Spirit God's eyes widened as he relaxed his body and slumped to the ground, crown tipping off his head. He laid there for a while and I thought was dead. The dark shadowy figure turned to face me, crouched and looked at my body, the shaky image of my consciousness still showing her piercing red eyes. "I know you're in there. You're floating around in an empty place, aren't you? It's cold... empty... lonely..."
"Who are you?! Why am I here?"
"Haha... poor thing. You still don't know..."
"Please get me out!"
She smiled wickedly with fangs sharper as needles, making my breathing hitch out of fear. This woman was seriously frightening. "I'll give you a deal, Aurora."
"Wha- how do you know my name?!"
"That isn't relevant now." She mumbled leaning closer, almost as if she was looking directly at me floating around. "Can you let me go please?!" I said, mustering up all the courage to speak to her. "You still don't know?"
I shook my head, my hair dancing within the shadowy landscape.
"How innocent. You see..."

She spoke as she put one finger up on her left hand. "There's you." She then put her finger up on her right hand, midnight nails almost  as sharp as her fangs. "And then here's me. Two people. Two souls, right? However, there's a problem..."

Slamming her fingers into each other, her eyes flashed as the moonlight over us shone on them. "There's only one body."

(Ash's POV)
"Gods above, we thank you. Bring your eternal light upon us in this crucial time. Take your knowledge and bless our—"
"Bored... Aurora isn't here yet and her dad is pissed..." I thought as I stared at the twitching eyes of King Caelan. He was a secretive man, a man that preceded to keep to himself. I mean, I wouldn't blame him. After what happened with his wife, the Queen? I know I wouldn't be the same.

The blessing to longer than it should of, King Satanael taken over the blessing of the Spirit God. "Where is he? He never misses these sort of things..." I thought as I felt a tap on my shoulder. My sister Neveni faces me with curious eyes. "We've started eating! What are you daydreaming about?" She whispered in Daemona, eyes narrowing as a shadow casted over her face. "Nobody, I promise! It's just that I haven't seen the Spirit God, that's all."
"Do I have to read your mind to find out?"
My eyes flashed orange, bearing my permanent fangs. "I'll like to see you try, little sister."
"Has that princess got you around her pretty little fingers already?"
She smirked, almost as if she knew the answer already. "There would be no chance of her liking her anytime soon" I thought as I bit my cheek. "I guess I have to meet her in secret from now on... I mean I know the royals hate us 'human hybrids' and Aurora but this is borderline exclusion now. Is Aurora not allowed for the blessings anymore? Where is she?"

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