Last One- Scenes 1 and 2

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Setting: School
Characters: Demi, Adele, Joe, Ethan, Jesse, Lacey, Kayla, Beau, Tara, Steve, Callum, Maths teacher,

*Scene 1*
(School corridor - lockers. Demi and Adele centre stage)

Demi: How weird was that! Why are they always so horrible?

Adele: I know right. It is so weird!

Demi: Anyway, Mr Smith seemed very energetic today.

Adele: I know. It must have been all that coffee on his desk!

(Both Demi and Adele laugh until they see Jesse and Lacey walk in holding hands)

Jesse: (Intimidatingly) What are you two laughing at?

Demi: (to Adele) Not again (rolls eyes)

Jesse: What did you say! (to Lacey) They're such rats!

Lacey: Yup! (gives Demi adele the evils)

Demi: (trying to stand up to them) SAYS YOU!!!!!

Adele: Come on Demi, lets go before you start a fight.

(Demi and Adele head off the stage)

Lacey: (calls after them) Pussies!

(Demi turns around and sticks her middle finger up at the pair of them. Lacey "Uh!" and Jesse act offended and then laugh at them whilst mimicking them)

Black out

*Scene 2*
(Joe and Ethan walk to stage right)

Joe: Where are our girls at?

Ethan: I don't know. I haven't seen them in a while!

Joe: Oh, look here they are!

(Demi and Adele walk towards the boys, looking upset)

Joe: Babe what's up?

(Adele runs up to Ethan and give
m a huge hug, Demi does the same to Joe)

Demi: It's just that STUPID couple Jesse and Lacey!

Ethan: What have they done now!? They are always so horrible!

Adele: They're just always butting into our business and making us feel intimidated!

Ethan: Just ignore them, they are just jealous of how AMAZING you both are!

Demi: Awe you're so sweet!

(they all laugh)

Joe: Anyway... what lesson do we have next?

Ethan: PE, I think!

(Joe grunts)

Adele: We have music!

Demi: Yes! My favourite lesson!

(Adele giggles)

(Bell rings - all exit)


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