Chapter 1: Nicolas Stone

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All my life I've been told what to do. What I was gonna do five years from now. Who I was gonna marry. So many stuff planned for me and I don't even get to have a say in it.

All I ever wanted was to have a normal life. I wanted to see what was life outside of the palace. Sherwood is beautiful, but I want to experience life. I feel suffocated in here. I need my freedom.

There was a knock on the door. I told them to come in.

"Prince, Nicolas. Your father is requesting your presence immediately." The butler told me.

"Very well, Jeff. Tell him I'll be there in two minute." He just nodded and then left.

I bet I know what he wants. Let's just get this over with. I left my room and went to the Throne room.

"I'm here, father."

"Finally. As you know, once you turn 21 you will marry, Princess Lucy. That also means she will be the future Queen."

"Father, why does he get to have the throne? I should be the one next in line." My brother Jake said to him.

"We've already talked about this. When the time comes it will be your turn. Nicolas is the older and wiser, I want the best man to take my place." He answered to Jake as Jake just groaned.

Jake has always been ambitious. And has a thick head. He doesn't care about people's feelings. All he cares about is money and girls. And he wonders why father won't give him the throne.

"Do I really have to marry Lucy? You know she's annoying."

"True, but it's already been arranged and I want you to marry Lucy. Both palace united by a great power couple."

Like father, like son. I don't care about money, power or having the palace united. I want true love. I want to have that type of love that you can't stay away from that person cause you'll miss them.

"In six months you'll be the new king." He smiled.

I left the throne room and went to my room. I was met by my mother.

"Talking about marriage, and power again huh?"

"Yes, I don't want to marry her, mother. She's vile." I sighed. She just chuckled.

"If we're being honest. I don't want you to marry her either. I want you to marry someone you love. Not some crazy arranged marriage."

"Father leaves tomorrow with King Lucas. Wanna help me escape the palace?" I asked her.

"Count me in." She smiled. This is why she's my favorite person. Always by my side and supporting my choices.

The next day mother distracted the staff. How did she do it I have no idea. She just worked her magic. I had a limo ready and made my way to the airport. There was no way I was gonna stay in the palace and celebrate my birthday there. It's time I think for myself for a change. I said bye to my mother before she distracted everyone. I promised her I would tell her where I was going so she could visit me.

Once we arrived. My private jet was waiting for me. They helped me with my luggage and then I was good to go. I made myself comfortable. Long ride.

"Isaac, where are we going?"

"Where else? Los Angeles. Beautiful beaches, girls, tropical breeze, I think." I just laughed. Of course he would say that. Isaac also happens to be my best friend. He was the only one who only wanted friendship from me. And he's also staying with me.

"So, where are we gonna stay?"

"At a beach house. It's a private area. When you told me your plans last night, I decided that LA was the place for us. And I came across that house." He answered.


"Also, might want to change the way you talk. Like no one talks that formal nowadays." He told me.

"Okay, that can be arranged, I think."

After our long flight, we finally landed in LA. I couldn't wait to sleep on a bed. Isaac rented a car. Till we go car shopping. I think our stay in LA will be a long one. I also plan on going to university. I want to study to become a kindergarten teacher. Since I did finish highschool and my grades were really good. I'll get into college. Like I said before. I want to experience life.

We arrived at the beach house and it looked really cool. I'm going to love living in this city. I have a great feeling about it.

"Everything was furnished. Simple and modern. There's wifi which is really important. Also you will not create any social media account. Don't want to get caught." Isaac told me.

"No worries. Social media isn't my cup of coffee." I answered.

"It's cup of tea." He corrected me.

"Yeah, but I don't like tea. So coffee it is." I replied back, he just shook his head.

"Well buddy, welcome to LA, where our crazy adventures begin." He told me. I just chuckled. I was excited to start fresh here. Tomorrow starts a new life for me.

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