Chapter 1 ~

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Hey Lovelies ! Here's the first official chapter of Stuck On Mute. Hope you guys like it(:

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I lost focus as my seventh period teacher Mr. Valez, droned on about some war. My mind drifted away quietly and I kept my steady gaze out the window. The things my mother said this morning came back to me and filled my head. I had just swished through the kitchen, grabbing an apple when my mother's voice stopped me.
  "Cora?" My mother's tone was distraught. Kaylah and Luke ducked into the kitchen behind me, stopping as well. Mom took a breath. "We're moving you guys!" She used a false cheeriness that I could sense immediately. The twins groaned in protest but, mom put her hands up to silence them. "Now, now. We haven't moved in ages, time for a change sweethearts." Her blond hair was in a sloppy pony-tail and her blue eyes were clear. "We'll start packing tonight. We're moving to Creekstone, Georgia. Now smile! And lets get to school, eh?" She shooed us out and blew kisses as I jumped into the drivers seat.
   I snapped back to attention as the bell sounded, freeing us all. My pale hands flew across the desk, gathering all my materials. I guess in a normal teen movie I would be hugging my friends and crying, telling them how much I would miss them. A bitter smile pulled the edges of my lips up. Well, without friends, I would have no one to miss. I moved swiftly through the classroom's door, manuvering through the crowd easily.
  I took in the gray walls in the hall, finding comfort in all their peeled glory. I slipped through the large front doors, in a hurry towards the parking lot. My gaze was down when I slammed into a large form. I looked up into Micheal Dawson's arrogant face, and stumbled backwards. His clique wasn't far behind. "Hey guys," He called, dull eyes flashing. "Look what we've got." A few jocks and cheerleaders sauntered over with over-played confidence. Micheal shoved me back a little. "What's wrong Freak? Got something to say?" A snicker resounded the group at the backhanded comment.
  I grimaced and put my head down trying to shuffle around him. He blocked me. "Come on, cat got your tongue?" His words were honey coated and sultry sweet. "Oh that's right. You No Speaky." His tone was now as if he were speaking to a mentally impaired person. Micheal's whole group laughed and he turned to receive high fives. I slipped around them and hopped into my car, waiting for the twins.  I ran a hand through my hair. God, I'm happy that I at least get away from them. Though at my new school, they might be worse. Especially to a new girl. My thoughts tumbled over each other as Kaylah jumped in, followed by Luke.
  "Hey sis." They said, in sync. I threw a smile over my shoulder, speeding away from the grounds. They kept up a conversation in the back, like usual. Sometimes, I wish I could talk to them. Sometimes I wish I could help them with their problems or explain homework to them. I mused on these ideas, when we pulled up to the house. I was forced to park next to a large U-Haul. I wonder if mom packed up EVERYTHING? Nah, she might be fast but, not that fast. My thoughts were wrong because as I entered the house, I realized it was nearly empty.
  "Come on my chicklings," Mom pointed to the table. "Lets eat before we head out." Kaylah skipped to the table, green eyes bright, dark hair swinging. Luke walked to the table, his green eyes were sad and his nearly black hair was slightly spiked. We ate silently as usual until a question popped into my head. I pulled out my compact dry-erase board and scribbled across it, 'Did you pack my room?'  Mom looked up and swallowed before speaking. "Yep, every single thing! Everyone's rooms are packed. As soon as we're finished we're just jumping in our cars and heading out." I gave her a genuine smile and erased my message with my sleeve, before scribbling across it again. 'Thanks mom, love you.' She gave me a sad smile before finishing her food.
  I finished not too long after that with Kaylah and Luke finishing just as fast. I took Kaylah in my car and Mom took Luke. I followed her blue toyata through the traffic rushes and Kaylah fiddled with the radio. She sang with nearly every song, her voice dropping and rising in tune with the singers. I grinned a little, trying to hold in my jealousy. I flicked on my signal and threw a glance in the rearview, my silvery blue eyes were wary. My dark hair tumbled over my shoulders like a midnight waterfall.
  I followed mom for what seemed like days though it was merely 6 hours. By the time we pulled into our new driveway it was 10:00. The house was a nice size, modest. The outside was light red, two stories. I tried to hold my excitement but, failed. The U-haul guys carried in our boxes without question. I stalked in behind them. The first thing I saw was a large foyer with a kitchen to the left. There was a tilted hallway to the right, my feet steered me towards it. The walls were an off-white and I ran my fingers over them.
  There was a deep green door to my left which I opened. The walls were a dark green and a large window was set on the far wall. A walk in closet was in my peripheral. Someone shoved by me. "Mine!" Luke shouted, before pushing my back slightly. Love you too, bro. I thought sarcastically as a door slammed in my face. I continued down the narrow hall when I spotted a door on my right. It was a light, aquatic blue. Curiosity took over and I pushed the door open. This room was wide with a walls a deep shade of blue, a closet was near the east wall. I took one step onto the beige carpet when I was shoved out of the way. "Mine!" Kaylah shouted, giving me an evil smile. I stepped back and a door slammed in my face.
  What kind siblings. I approached a set of beautiful spiral stairs and ascended them. I set my eyes on a loft type place that over looked the large living room. I gave it a quick glance before turning a corner, spotting another door. I neared it, this one was a powdery gray. I pushed the door open and gasped. The walls in to my right and left were white and the ones in front of me and behind me were black. I mean, the black and white them was perfect!
  I already knew my bed would go on the wall to the right of me since my closet was on the left, right next to an en-suite bathroom. The best part? A balcony! It was on the wall directly opposite of the place I was standing. I strutted across the white tile floor and pushed the glass doors open. It was about 5 feet wide and 4 feet out. I put my hands on the white bars that were in front of me. The darkness outside was calming. The night breeze blew across our wide backyard that connected to a forest. The wind ruffled my hair and I inhaled the scent of the peaceful calm.
  I heard the shuffling of items and turned to see a U-haul guy putting my boxes on the floor. His dark skin was slick with sweat, his eyebrows scrunched together and he gave me a kind smile. I unhooked my dry erase bored from around my neck and scrawled a message across it. Thank you, very much. He looked confused before he shrugged and walked away. I sat outside on the concrete floor of my balcony. The wind tossed my hair around while I thought.
   Another thing that sucked about being a mute. People didn't understand. Sometimes it feels like I'm trapped inside my own body, unable to speak. To express myself. Well, without drawing I would surely go insane. I stood and scuffled near the boxes, digging for my sketchpad and pencils. My hand felt around blindly until I touched the familiar objects.
  I went back on the balcony and sat down, taking in my surroundings. The dark night tossed shadows through the far forest. That's what I drew, my view. My hands worked over the paper easily, lines overlapping lines. I breathed in the scent of my new home while my hands worked endlessly. My eyelids drooped and my drawing became blurry. I tried to fight it, but to no avail. My hand started slowling, before stopping completely. My eyes drooped once more time before shutting out the world.


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