Chapter 22

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~Who's excited for the new sub-unit?


"Yahh, Would you just listen to me for once?!" She said exasperatedly.


I lashed back at the door, hand almost rotating the doorknob eager to leave this hell when her next words suckled all life out of me.

"Wait, Mirae! I- I'm pregnant!"

I froze in midair. Slowly I turned back, my eyes bulging out. "WHAT?"

She rolled her eyes frustratedly. "You heard me."

Suddenly her vomiting, denial for wearing heels or drinking soda and the lack of concern on the wedding matters just started making sense.

I hastily locked her door and sprinted closer to her. "You're pregnant? But....but how on Earth did that happen?"

She smirked. "Now, I'm supposed to tell you how it works?"

"No, I know, idiot." I muttered. Sighing confusedly, I let myself fall on her bed. "Are you fucking crazy? You aren't kidding, right?"

"Do you think I'd joke about this?"

I was still too shocked to form a complete intelligent sentence. "Oh my god." I gasped. "Who's the father?"

She gasped loudly and started at me with an accused look in her eyes. "Wha-Why.... oh my god, Mirae, please it's Daehyun, of course. Why would you think otherwise?" She asked quizzically.

"Because it's you. If you can get pregnant before marriage then don't be too surprised when I assume that the father of your child and your fiancee isn't the same person." I shot back.

She shook her head. "No it is him."

"When did that even happen?"

Uneasiness covered her face as she fidgeted with the hem of her night gown. "Umm... Daehyun and I went on a vacation last month, do you know?" I nodded. "So... he had proposed me that night and...things got a little out of control...."

I raised my brows at her, disapprovingly. "And when did you find out?"

"Last week."

I shook my head disapprovingly. "Just so you know, Mom and Dad is gonna kill you." I stated informatively.

"I know, that's why I'm telling you!" She squeaked.

"So that I could kill you before they do?" I asked confusedly.

She shook her head quickly. "Mirae, I want you to tell them." She scooted closer and reached for my hand but I squatted it away quickly.

"Don't even think about that!" I whisper-screamed.

"Please." She begged nervously.

"Are you insane? I mean, what difference do you think it will make."

"Look, they love you." She grabbed my hand and poured her puppy eyes into mine. "And they have this huge level respect for you. You're the daughter that makes them proud. They think that since you're so intelligent and everything, whatever you say or suggest could never be wrong." I paused for a while. "I want to tell them tomorrow night, after the party. And I want you to be there and stand up for me, convince them not to kick me out."

"That wouldn't be easy." I muttered.

"I know and neither is hiding it from them." She said convincingly.

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