Chapter 3

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Heavy breathing filled the room, as a lone chest heaved up and down. Damon was leaning against his desk in his home office, trying so hard to breath in clean air once more. That boy smelled so good, so intoxicating. It filled his being and almost took away his senses. He wanted to devour that small human, make him his. He hadn't realized that Cheryl was the boy's mother. He should have known when he had smelled small traces of that same intoxicating scent. He had only wanted to distract himself when he chose to "marry" the human woman. Of course, he couldn't truly marry the woman even if he wanted to. Not by human standards.

Even now, as he sat on the opposite end of the house from the boy, his sharpened teeth ached with the need to sink into that delectable neck. He needed to claim that boy, mark him as his own. Except he couldn't. Of course, this human "marriage" meant almost nothing to him. It was a mere distraction and was supposed to be a way to stay away from the human boy. He had a mission to finish for his king. He couldn't afford this, not now when he was so close to reaching an end to his mission.

He didn't know what to do now. He had given the boy his most extravagant room, apart from his own. It was also the furthest away from his own office and room, but Hunter needn't know that. When he had come to this world, he hadn't ever expected this to happen. He had been around for over two hundred years and had never found anyone so intoxicating. He didn't think anyone would affect him like this, but clearly, he was mistaken.

What was he to do? He felt bad that he was clearly hurting the boy, but he also couldn't do anything about it. He had given the boy the most luxurious room. He deserved that much, at least. When he saw the boy, both times he could smell that other human all over his precious. Tyler? Was that his name? It sent anger pulsing through his veins that Hunter was with another. Smelled of another. He wanted to simply seclude the boy and keep him all to himself. Not let anyone else have him.

However, this intense feeling also scared him. He shouldn't fear anything. He hadn't feared anything since he was mere youngling. He couldn't help it though. He had heard the old stories that floated around about soul mates but never thought he would find his own. Besides, he had his king to serve. He couldn't afford any serious distractions. His king had sent him up here for a reason. Once he finished his mission, he could simply go home and forget about all of this.

Sounds easy. Right?

Hunter sighed as he walked through the halls of the mansion. "Why did it have to be Damon? Why did mom have to marry him of all people?"

It was going to be pure torture to live with this man, but school started the next day. So at least he wouldn't be around the man all day.

"And Tyler can't help me, either. He helps with the physical needs, sure. Though I still don't know why when he claims to be one hundred percent straight. But my heart still hurts. So much. Mom seems so happy, though. So I guess I'll bear the pain for as long as I have to. She deserves to be happy," Hunter mused to himself out loud.

"Ah! Damon, baby!"

"Just not that happy," Hunter murmured to himself as he stopped dead in his tracks at the sound. Despite knowing what was going on, he still had to look to see for himself. He peaked in the doorway that was slightly cracked to see his mother and Damon on a large bed. Bigger than his own queen. His heart started hammering painfully in his chest as he watched the man he loved making love to another person. His own mother, of all people. The faint sound of skin slapping skin made him feel slightly ill. He forced his eyes to close in disgust, not wanted to see that scene before him anymore. His legs were still frozen still, however.

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