New Dawn

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Humans have always thought the creatuters in their nightmares did'nt  exisit and that it was only our imagination. what if it wasnt? what if it was all real and we didnt even know it?

there are worlds living right beside us, co-exsisting in sync with each other.

Heven and hell are the biggest of the two and inbetween them both lies earth and purgotory and Avalon right next to each other.  co exsisting, earth oblivious to its neighbours besides its solar system and their thrist for knowledge, Purgotory hungry for to be free and its monsters to roam free kill and satisfy their need for food and destruction, Avalon hungry for food and survival.

What happenes when the unthinkable happens? what happened when the Gates of Avalon open and seep into the mortal world next to it?

Selene a normal human girl with far potential than she realises, a destiny that will save all of mankind, battles rage around her of epic proportions, great scarifices she must take.. but will she accept her destiny or will she resent it.

Abaddon, the name stand for destruction, An acient powerful king of avalon who slumbers under in castle as a prisioner, betrayed by those closest to him, once awaked he will take revenge and bathe the cities in traitors blood. Abaddon seeks for not just revenge but for somthing far more powerful than any curse or the crown.

Selene and Abaddons fates are tied together in way it cant even begin to told for it is too cryptic to understand for the knowledge of what they are , will be or what they will do.

Selene and Abaddon have so much power yet to be unleashed. will they destroy and enslave all of mankind or will they save it.

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