1: "Undertaken by the undertaker"

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Demuriel's pov

    "This is a bad idea." Garth muttered beside me, as he blew the last straw of what was left of his smoke. He threw it on the ground of Baden Falls cemetery, stomping his feet to quench the little light still erupting from the cigarette butt. "We should head back, maybe lie that we did the stupid spell and it didn't work, whatsoever." Garth said.

"It's too late to chicken out now, Garth." I said, feeling a little bit scared myself... But then again? Who wouldn't be? It was past one in the morning and here we are, in a fucking cemetery, trying to proof to our stupid college mates that we weren't fully nerds.

It was actually our final year in the university, and Garth and I decided to not waste anymore time with books and stuff, we decided to take a leap, try out something new. We wanted to enjoy the perks of being free.

We had been best friends since diaper days, went to the same highschool and ended up in the same college and all through that time, we had kept the most cleanest image. We were the  typical nerds.

But we decided that it was about time, time to change, time to do what every other youth felt right to do. We decided that our final year would be the definition of awesome.

So now, here we are with a stupid manual, given by Landon, our messed up spiritual frenemy who believed that things really did go bump in the night and also who thought that it would be, you know, great to dare us into a cemetery to wake our dead Dean up from the grave.

Not that it would work anyway. Anyone who knew Landon would know that his stupid obsession with all things spiritual and Supernatural was nonsense, his spells never ever work... He was just that weird kid who still waits for the zombie apocalypse.

"It's so dark and quiet, Riel, and we are in a graveyard like, we are stomping on dead bodies... We should really head back before the undertaker decides to take us under." Garth grimaced.

"We're almost there Garth, stop whining. You're adding to my fear." I muttered. My heart was beginning to change its normal rhythm.

"Well, you should be scared." Garth muttered.

I stopped abruptly, eyeing the stone Infront of me. "It's here, This is his grave." I said, my eyes scanning the name on the stone.

Garth stopped moving, walking back to my direction. "I have a really bad feeling about this, Demuriel."

"Why are you scared? It's Landon's stupid spell, it won't work... He got this from Google, trust me... We'll just tape it all and prove to everyone that we aren't completely nerds."

"What if someone sees us? Isn't this disrespectful? Like to the- you know- dead soul of the Mr. Bates? What if he decides to punish us for disturbing his peaceful rest?" Garth said. He was freaking out.

"Calm down, Mofo. Mr. Bates isn't gonna just appear and punish us... That's just stupid, right?" I asked.

Garth shook his head. "It's not... He could make us unconscious and attack us in our dreams."

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