Plan In Motion

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Normal P.O.V.

"Ugh, she's so gonna pay for taking Adrien from me like that", Lila snarled angrily under her breath as she put all of the pictures and videos that she needed together, "I know right, she's such a bitch", Brie replied with distaste.

The two had got the projector ready for their next move as it was a plan that they both loved and couldn't wait to finally do it. "This will all teach that slut to not steal my Adrien away from me and to regret not being my friend", Lila smirked spitefully to herself.

"Oh yeah! Especially for being such an attention seeker and being a superhero, how pathetic can she be really?", Brie laughed in a mocking tone, and both she and Lila both evilly chuckled at each other.

"Come on now, I've got a good excuse to why we are late to class", Lila laughed happily with the look of violence and anger for the black haired spotted super heroine grew even stronger by the minute.

"Alright then", Brie walked out with her friend as the two finally reached their next class, "I'm sorry we're late", Lila apologized to Miss Mendeleiev, "What's your excuse this time?", the purple haired teacher asked and looked skeptically at the Italian brunette.

"I hurt my knee badly when I tripped and fell, Brie helped me and made it feel better", Lila lied through her teeth, just like every other day of her life. "Alright, go to your seats and next time, go to the nurse", Miss Mendeleiev scolded the girls as she believed the lie and let it slide.

The two looked at each other with a smug expression on both of their faces, happy to finally take down Marinette and Ladybug, both on the same day. As this was going to be fun for them, and hell for her.

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