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"Come here". Lisa muttered quietly at Jungkook who stood there in baffled. "Hurry up". She continued and Jungkook immediately went toward her.

Jisoo watches as Lisa stood up from her seat and went toward Jungkook. After two of them stood side by side, Lisa started. "I understand. I understand that the predicament we are in.. and um.. there's something you should know". She said and look up to Jungkook who stared down at her in questioning.

"We're, uh, we are..". Lisa awkwardly wrapping her arm around him. "We're getting married". She announced, causing Jungkook eyes to widen in surprise.

"We're? What?".

"Married? We're getting married, Jungkook". She let out a light chuckles.

"But we-". She cut him off.

"I know, I know it's been a long year you have been waiting, and now you have my answer". She chuckled awkwardly. "We're getting married, Jungkook. Don't you feel excited?".

Jisoo looked at them in baffled. "Wait? Isn't he your.. assistant?". Jisoo asked, standing up from her seat.

Lisa nods her head while Jungkook on the other hand slightly nods his head even though he couldn't believe what just had happened toward his boss all of a sudden and somehow being announced to marry her.

"But... why all of a sudden, Lisa? Are you trying to avoid your deportation?". Jisoo asked.

"No, no, no". Lisa let out a light chuckles. "We are going to be married soon, right, Jungkook?". Lisa looked up to Jungkook who stared down at her in questioning when she told him just go along with it.

Jungkook heaves a sharp exhale afterward and nervously turn to Jisoo who look both of them in suspicious looks. "Mrs. Jisoo, the truth is both of us are..". Jungkook said, glancing at Lisa who gave him don't-you-dare look. "The truth is both of us...". Jungkook looked at Jisoo once again. "..are engaged". Lisa pursed her lips and nods her head.

Jisoo gasps in surprise.

"So you guys are engaged?". Jisoo asked once more.

Both of them nodded.

"That was unexpected but, yeah, I was gonna say congratulations!". Jisoo said but remains suspicion.

"Thank you. Well, then that means we..". Lisa said, looking up at Jungkook who lowers his gaze. "We need to get ourselves to the immigration office so we can work this whole mess out".

Jisoo nods her head as a response.

"Thank you, thank you so much, Jisoo". Lisa said and brings Jungkook along with her out the room.


"Do explain?". Jungkook insisted on her to explain everything from what just had happened earlier.

Lisa sat on her desk while skimming through the copies and now set down on her desk. "I don't have to explain. You did hear already". She simply said.

"And why am I going to marry you. Isn't that a stupid plan?".

"So what's the problem?". Lisa shrugged.

Jungkook rolled his eyes and this time he didn't care if she is his boss anymore. "The problem is, how am I going to explain this to my family".

Lisa looks up at him. "Tell them, we're getting married, easy".

"No, I am seriously not going to marry you, Lisa". He said.

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