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   Kayden sat in the library after training looking at her finger light up in flames. She glared at it sitting up. She felt strange like someone she knew for a long time. Then she heard Warrens shouting "Get the HELL OUTTA HERE!" He shouted and she ran out seeing a tall man. He was black and buff but skinny. His eyes purple with yellow streaks as he smirked at Warren. Kayden tilted her head as he wore a black leather jacket and ripped jeans.

   Josie and Lizzie did their usual introduction before he walked past them rolling his eyes. He was chewing something, maybe gum? He walked past the twins causing them to frown in shock. "Jalen I swear to god if you don't lea-"

   "Hush it ice hound." The Jalen guy said to him still walking towards Kayden sitting beside her. "Kayden Waithe." He smirked and Kayden blushed deeply. "Heard so much about you in that hounds head." He whispered blowing a bubble of gum before it popped. Kayden blinked gently as he sat before her. His eyes were so pretty.

   "W-who are you?" Kayden asked him shyly and he chuckled shaking his head looking at Warren.

    "Guess Warden didn't tell you who I am?" He asked and Kayden shook her head.

   "It's Warren." Warren sat beside Kayden staring down the man down.

    "I don't care." Jalen said to him "Jalen. Jalen Walker. The last hell hound." He leaned up "Heard you need help with training." He said.

   "We got this." Warren glared and Jalen flashed a look to Warren before raising a brow.

    "Really? Because all you have is ice. Someone who doesnt use his powers. Is easy to control." He mumbled and Kayden looked at Warren then at Jalen.

   "What powers do you have?" Kayden asked now interested a bit. He smirked at her.

   "Want to see?" He flashed a smile with part of his fangs showing. Kayden bit her lip nodding slowly. He smiled and pointed his finger suddenly the globe was struck by lightning causing everyone near it to freak out.

   "You could have killed someone." Warren glared and Jalen shrugged.

   "Shouldn't have been in my damn way." He muttered and stood up.

   "Leave." Warren stood up as well glaring at him and Jalen rolled his eyes.

   "I'll overpower you fucker. Besides I'm not here for you. I'm here for her." He said looking at Kayden as Josie stood beside her and held her hand.

   "Ready for studying?" She asked her and Jalen let out a frown seeing Kayden smile at her and nod and she looked at Jalen.

   "Nice to meet you Jalen." She whispered and left with Josie. He watched Josie and her walk away glaring.

   "Its time for you to leave." Warren said to him and Jalen looked back at Warren letting out an evil chuckle.

    "You need me more than you want to admit. I can help Kayden and you know it." He said back to him. "Don't worry I won't harm her. I'll show her control like you want. Come on she's been here and with you for 4 days? Maybe five? And you guys have been no where." He said to him. "I'll make that permanent stay to help her." He said then walked away causing Warren to glare at the man he looked at a bookcase his eyes glowing blue and white before the bookcase turning into a block of ice.

   Warren walked over to Kayden "Listen I know you don't like being controlled but I need you to stay away from Jalen he is no good." He said to her and Kayden raised a brow "Don't ask why. Just please. Trust me on this Kayden."

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