Chapter 2

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***Lisa's POV***

I noticed that we are now entering the most private subdivision in Seoul. Not because you're rich, you can live here. The homeowners are selecting who are allowed to buy properties here, and they check everything: your wealth, your power, your connection, your influence. If they found a single thing that could raise their eyebrow, then you can kiss your ass goodbye because you will never be allowed to buy even a pot of land here, and worst you can never ever enter the subdivision.

Mansions can be seen everywhere, and the neighborhood have enough space in between to build another house. Private guards can be seen stationed in front of their massive gates.

After a couple of turns, we have arrived in what seemed like a fortress. The walls are so tall that there's no way for you to see what's on the other side of it unless you climb it, and that is if you can. The gate was opened when the guard saw who was inside the car then bowed his head.

When we entered the gate, I noticed soldiers are walking around, probably preparing for our arrival. I also noticed a couple of soldiers standing just outside the gate. They're probably the ones my father said earlier.

When we reached the front door, one soldier opened the car on my side then I went out, followed by Mr. Kim.

“We're here, Sir,” I told him.

Mr. Kim only nodded then tapped my shoulder, probably his way of saying his thanks.

We walked through the front door and once inside, an older woman, probably his wife, ran towards him and hugged him tightly while crying. I just stood on his when I saw my dad on the other side of the living room. We both looked at each other then nodded.

“Where is she?” Mr. Kim asked his wife.

“She's coming down. She still couldn't believe that you are going home now, that you are here now,” Mrs. Kim answered while caressing her husband's face.

Then just like a cue, a young lady, probably on her teenage years, was running down the grand staircase. Every eyes landed on her, following her movements. But what she did next was unexpected. Instead of running to her father, she ran to me then wrapped her arms around my body while crying and saying her thanks.

“Thank you, thank you so much for bringing my dad back. Our family will forever be in your debt,” she said while sobbing on my chest.

I didn't know what to do. I looked at my dad then to Mr. Kim. I saw him nod his head so I wrapped my arms on her thin waist then I said, “It's okay. Your dad is safe now. You don't have to cry anymore, princess.” I didn't know what's gotten into me, hell I didn't even know why I called her princess! Probably because of her dress that fits her body perfectly, or probably because of her sweet scent that's tickling my sense of smell, or maybe because of her beautiful face? Heck I don't know! It just came out of my mouth.

She removed herself from the embrace then hugged her dad, their family continued crying while enjoying their mini reunion. After a couple of minutes had passed, my father walked towards them then called Mr. Kim.

“John, my men will continue guarding the place for few more days. The President still hasn't lifted his order to his soldier, so you can relax that you and your family will be safe from now on. My daughter and I will now go, we still have lot of things to discuss. You know my direct number, if you'll be needing anything, just give me a call.” My father said to Mr. Kim while shaking his hands.

“Thank you my brother for all your help and keeping my family safe while I was away.” He then looked at me, probably measuring me up, then he smiled while gesturing for me to come closer and so I did. I was surprised when he hugged me. “I can never thank you enough for risking your life just to save mine. I hope I can still see you around,” he said when he broke our hug.

“That was what's expected from me, I'm just here to deliver it,” I told him.

“You trained her well, Kenji,” Mr. Kim said to my father while chuckling, “she's just like you when we're younger,”

“Right right now off we go. We still need to have her arm checked.” My father said.

I bowed my head to them, saying my goodbye, when their daughter hugged me again.

“I'll see you around,” she told me while smiling.

I didn't answer her, I just nodded then followed my father who was already on his way out.


***Jennie's POV***

I didn't know what's gotten into me. I didn't know why I hugged her. But when I saw her standing in our living room, I just knew that she was the one who saved my dad. So I ran towards her, my emotions were overflowing because of too much joy. When I hugged her, I felt her stiffened, probably not used to skinship. She smelled sweat and blood, but she also smelled sweet and a bit of musky scent. I stayed there for a couple of minutes before breaking our hug then proceeded hugging my dad.

I am still in daze, one minute we are happily attending the gala, then my father was kidnapped, then a week full of emotional breakdown, crying here and there, phone calls from friends and relatives, and his kidnappers, then another call from his most trusted friend saying that they were on their way to rescue my dad. That got my hopes high, including my mom's. She said that this friend is my dad's only true friend, and that they can bet their lives on this man's hand, and so they did. What I did not expect was his very own daughter would be the one to rescue my dad.

“Jennie, let's come and eat. Your father is hungry,” my mom called me, probably noticing that I was left standing in the living room while both of them are already on their way towards the dining room.

“Okay mom,” I answered then walked towards her while smiling.


A month had passed since that nightmare, and everything was back to normal. I continued my study and currently doing make-up classes for the lessons I've missed, good thing my teachers were all understanding about that happened. My father gave me 2 bodyguards who accompanied me wherever I go; school, malls, parties, even a simple hangout with my friends they're there!

“Dad! Can you tell them to back-off?? My friends are getting anxious whenever they're around!” I barged inside my Dad's office. Now I am not a spoiled brat, but having bodyguards doesn't suit me well.

“Sweetie, you know what happened to me. I don't what to take any risk of that happening to you or to your mom. Good thing I only put 2 bodyguards, per your request, if it's me I'd put 1 battalion just to secure your safety,” my dad answered me without even removing his eyes on the paper he was reading.

“But dad, they looked like goons, their bodies are so huge, their muscles looked like they want to pop-out anytime, and I swear I heard them growl whenever a guy would approach me!” Okay the growl part was a bit exaggerated but I was really getting frustrated!

“So that's what this is all about? No guy would ever approach you because of them? Good then.” My father said nonchalantly.

“Can you order them to stand a bit farther? I feel suffocated with their presence,” I almost begged my dad.

“No. And you better go home now. Your mother called awhile ago saying she's cooked a dinner for us. Go home and help your mother.” He said using his dismissal tone and I knew then that our talk is done.

“Grr!” I showed him my teeth then stormed outside his office.


***Mr. Kim's POV***

I rubbed my template when my daughter walked out my room. This discussion has been repetitive and I am growing tired of it.

I picked up my personal phone then dialed the number I memorized aside from my wife's number. After 2 rings I heard the person on the other end.

“I need your help,” I said to the person.

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