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Chapter 14

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Hey guys whooo!!! Update again! I'm really bored soo u guys get another chapter!!:)


Chapter 14:

"come on! Stop being so stubborn court, just let me help you up!" zayn laughed at me as I tried to climb into his bunk for THE 4TH TIME!! While zayn had just laughed at me as I fell on my butt all the other times.

All of the boys and Kate were ready for bed and waiting for me to get into zayns bunk. See on each side of the bus, there were 3 bunks from the top to the bottom. On one side of the bus, it was Harry in the top bunk(which he had no problem getting into), Kate in the middle, and Niall on the bottom. On our side it was liam on the bottom, Louis in the middle, and me and zayn on top. But I couldn't climb into the freaking thing!!

Everyone was ready to sleep, while I was still trying to get into the bunk.

"fine!" I huffed finally giving up "help me up."

Not a moment later, two strong arms were around me, as I was picked up bridal style and tossed lightly in the bunk.

As I scooted towards the wall, getting so close I was touching it, the may bent down on the other side as zayn appeared. Looking over at him, I noticed Harry since his bunk was right across from ours, who had a goofy smile on his face.

Zayn trying to get me to look at him, noticed I was looking at Harry and before I could protest, shut the curtain over the opening to our bunk so I was trapped in with him.

"hey no fair!" Harry yelled.

"ooooo they are getting cozy!" Kate said.

"that's no fair shutting the curtains! We never shut. The curtains man!" Niall complained.

"yeah we'll I don't want you guys watching us, ecspecially you Harry!" zayn yelled back, not taking his eyes off of me.

"hey!!" Harry yelled back "that hurts"

"i don't want to hear any thumps from above me you here!!" Lou said hitting the top of his bunk so that we felt him hit the bottom of ours.

I just giggled as zayn made girly moans to mess with lou.

"hey! Use protection mister!" Lou yelled at zayn.

"shut up! I'm trying to sleep" Niall screamed.

After that everyone got quiet as zayn whispered to me "so are you going to answer my question from earlier?"

"yes, as long as you answer mine." I replied.

"fine. What happened with you and a guy that makes you act strangely around me?" he asked.

"okay this is the short version because I don't want to get into to details. I have only really like one guy ever. So he kissed me and I thought he liked me. Well, the next week he started dating one of my close friends." I replied in monotone voice.

"oh." was all he replied, and then "I would never do anything like that, to such a nice girl like you."

It was a good thing it was dark because I felt my cheeks heat up. Dang I'm lucky.

"so what about your girlfriend?" I said genuinely interested.

"we are not really in a relationship. It's fake for the press, so we can attract some of their fans and them ours." he replied with a slight smile on his lips.

He looked into my eyes and glanced down at my lips.

Oh crap.

Am I ready for this?

He leaned closer and his breath fanned across my lips. His brown eyes held complete lust.

"was that your first kiss?" he whispered.

"y-yes." I stammered. He was so close my stomach was doing flips, and my palms were sweaty.

"then I guess I'm gonna have to make up for it." he said as he closed the distance between us so where are no were touching and I was squished between him and the wall.

"b-but u don't like me and I don't want to go through what I did before." I got out.

"of course I like u. I like everything about you. The way you run your fingers through you hair, the way you bite your lip when you're nervous, everything. I know we just met, but i like you more than I have anyone else.I want to be with you." he whispered to me with a small smile on his face.

"but we can't be together with you even fake dating perrie, your fans would hate you if they saw you with me. I'm not famous like her." I replied shakily.

"I will announce it to everyone tomorrow at the concert, I'm so serious. You don't have to be famous, I like you for you." he said gently as his lips grazed mine.

"ooooo there gonna kiss!" I heard someone excitedly whisper. Kate.

"shhhh" someone hissed.

"agh!" zayn pulled away, "way to ruin it guys!"

"it was Kate!" they all screamed.

I giggled and smiled shyly as zayn scooted away leaving a little bit of distance in between us.

"thanks a lot guys, good night" zayn said sarcastically laying down on his pillow and closing his eyes.

"no!!! You were supposed to kiss! Agh!!" Kate screamed "Harry do something!"

"guys u better kiss or I will force u too!" Harry yelled.

Yeah right he can't force us. I looked over to see zayn looking peaceful with his eyes closed and a sweet smile on his face.

"shut up Harry and everyone go to sleep, nothing special is going to happen and you can thank Kate." zayn said with his eyes still closed.

Moans of complaint went around the room but everyone got quiet.

So I finally thought I would get some rest so I turned to face the wall, laying on my side and closed my eyes. Right before I went into complete sleep, a warm arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me into a hard chest that I felt hit my back.

I went to sleep with a smile on my face feeling the warmth that was zayn holding me.

There you go!! 2 updates in 2 days!! It's amazing!


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