Finale~ 4 of 7

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"AeSook,  what you did was bad, apologize to mum," Sehun said as he saw AeSook slap Luhan's hand away.

AeSook looked down and ran to mum, hugging him and apologizing. "I'm sorry mummy for hitting you," Luhan smiled and hugged AeSook. "It's okay, but you need to listen, okay?" AeSook nodded her head and went running towards Sehun. 

"Appa~ where did I come from?" Sehun widened his eyes and looked up when Luhan laughed. Luhan walked towards them and picked AeSook up.

"AeSook, you came from my belly. You'll understand when you're older but you have daddy's eyes, nose, and lips while you have my eye color and skin color."

AeSook nodded her head and kissed Luhan's and Sehun's cheek. "I love my parents!"


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