The Popular and the Nerd (Shawn Mendes)

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Shawn's POV

I woke up to the sound of my little sister Aaliyah yelling my name, I groaned.
"Shawn, get your lazy butt out of bed!" She yelled, hovering over me.
"Go away" I mumbled rolling over.
"Ok I'll just go get mom..." She said with a smirk and began to walk out.
"Im up, Im up, now get out" I said sitting up, rubbing my eyes, she smiled and walked out.
I slowly got out of bed and walked to my drawer, I pulled out a black t shirt and a red flannel. I slipped on a pair of black jeans and walked to the bathroom, I fixed my hair, it still looked messy but I honestly didn't give a shit.
I trotted downstairs and plopped down at the kitchen table.
"Nice to see you and your bed head up" My mom said with a smile, she put some pancakes on my plate.
"I hate school" I mumbled pouring a ton of maple syurp on the pancakes.
"Deal with it" She said serving Aaliyah.
I gave her a look as I ate my pancakes.

"Im heading to school now!" I yelled to my mom as I slipped on my black vans, I grabbed my longborad and walked outside.
I hopped on it and drove it to school.
Once I got to hell or school I walked up to my locker, grabbing my books and closing it.
"Look, Its Bethany" I heard a girl whisper beside me, I turned to see the most beautiful girl ever.
Bethany Rivers, my crush.
She walked down the hall, her dark brown hair bouncing off her shoulders, she had a cute outfit on. All the guys stared at her and I instantly became jealous.
Even though she wasn't even mine.
She would never like an outcast like me, I was to tall and all I was known for was a nerd.
She walked up to my locker, my heart beat increased.
She placed her hand on my jawline, teasing me.
"Hey Mendes" She said with a wink, my god.
"Uh h-hey Bethany" I stuttered like a idiot as my cheeks flushed red.
She smirked and my knees went weak as she walked away.
My heart beat slowed down, that did not just happen to me!
She never noticed me, she was like a nice mean girl, all the jocks wanted her, they were just drooling over her, but she came to ME?
The bell suddenly rang scaring the living daylights out of me, I quickly walked to class, the class Bethany was in.
I sat in a random seat, I began to study for a test we had in a week, told you I was a nerd....
I soon heard the second bell ring and looked up to see...
The Bethany Rivers was sitting next to me, had I suddenly become the hottest guy in the school?
She sent me a smile and my heart fluttered, shes adorable.
"Ok class, let's get started, sha'll we?" The teacher spoke and groans filled the room.
We were working on a paper about a Canadian that inspires us when a white crumpled up peice of paper fell infront of me.
I slowly opened it, inside was some light blue writing, it said:

Meet me outside class

I looked over to see Bethany smirking a sexy smirk at me, I blushed.

After class*

I nervously walked out of the classroom, what did Bethany want?
I seen her popping bubbles with her 5 gum as she leaned against some lockers, she looked hot.
Stop Shawn.
"Hey Mendes" She said once she saw me.
"Is that my new nickname?" I asked leaning up against the lockers aswell trying to look cool.
"Sure" She said smirking.
"Um what did you want?" I asked with a shakey voice.
"Calm down Mendes Im not gonna rape you!" She laughed, it sent shivers down my spine.
I nervously laughed, my face was burning.
"So Mendes, ever ditch?" She asked pushing herself up.
"Uh no" I mumbled.
"Well, todays your lucky day!" She said with a smile.
"We can't just leave" I said, my nerdiness coming out.
"Why ever not?" She asked tilting her head like an adorable puppy.
"Um because" I quickly said.
"Oh Mendes, your such a nerd!" She laughed.
"I know" I mumbled.
"A cute one though" She said with a wink making my face felt like it was melting.
"Uh um" I stuttered, I was freaking out inside, I felt like throwing up.
"Follow me" She whispered pulling my arm and running, I followed.
She pulled me all the way out the school doors.
"And now, your free!" She said looking around, smiling.
"It-Its nice out" I said smiling myself.
"Come on" She said with a laugh, pulling me to her convertable.
"Woah, uh nice car" I said hopping in the passenger seat.
"Its my moms, god I can't wait to have my own" She groaned as she brought the car to life.
"My moms gonna kill me" I mumbled as we pulle out of the school parking lot.
"She won't find out" Bethany smirked.
She blasted Summertime Sadness as we drove, I was so tempted to sing, but I couldn't.
Yes, I can sing, and Im not good at it either, but thats my opinion.
"Here we are, Im craving a slurpie" She said as we pulled into the nearest 7 eleven.
We walked inside.
"I'll take a red slurpie and a-" She started. "What do you want?" She asked turning to me.
"Uh, I don't really want-" I started.
"And a blue slurpie" She said to the cashier, sending me a smile.

We walked out drinking our slurpies.
"I told you I didn't want one" I said a little frustrated, I didn't want her buying me stuff, that was my job.
"I know you wanted one, I could see it in your eyes, that pleading look" She said dramactically.
"Whatever" I chuckled as we hopped back in her convertable.

"Where to next?" I mumbled with the straw in my mouth.
"The mall?" She asked.
"Uh sure" I said and soon we were off again.

She was right, this was my lucky day.


Hello peeps!
New story.
So many stories out right now!
Im putting the tutor on hold along with scared.
Im really sorry but i wanna focus on this one and bully, there my faves.
Plus i have to rewrite the tutor for every chapter and that takes forever!
But ya more to come!



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