Honoring Hargeon - Nalu

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"Hey! Tell us a story!" A girl with raven blue hair grins. 

"Yeah! I want to hear one!" A small boy with salmon hair yells.

An old woman sits forward and ruffles the childrens hair. "Alrighty then, let's start from the beginning shall we?" An old blond mage turns her head to the almost ancient salmon-haired dragon slayer. "Of course! It all started at the Oshibana Station-" Lucy hits the man on the back of his head. "Idiot! It was Hargeon port! Remeber Bora!" Lucy scolds. 

"But remeber when we had to rescue Macarov!" 

"That was after you fool!"

"Oh yeah!"

"Tsk.." The old lady rolls her eyes. "Anyways, it all started in Hargeon port, and I was just a young girl out it the big world with big dreams.." the old Mage sighs happily. "And I was looking for my father, Igneel! He was the king of fire dragons, ya know!" Natsu boasts proudly. "Fire dragons?! Cool!" the little boy gasps. 

"Natsu! Not in front of the children!"

"What? Why can't I tell them? It's just a dragon!" 

Lucy glares at her husband. "Eep! Sorry!" He shrieks. The children laugh at the couples small agruements. "Anyways, there was this man who said they were apart of fairy tail, and that he could get me in! I was so excited, so I went with him."  

"And what happened next?"

"He tricked me and tried to kidnap me along with all the other people on board!" Lucy dramaticizes. "Oh no!" The kids yell. Natsu chuckles. "Then I came in and saved the day!" Lucy bursts out in laughter. "You wish, as soon as you walked onto that boat you fainted!" The kids giggle, aware of Natsu's motion sickness. "Since he was no help, I was able to use Aquarius to bring the boat back to shore!" I grin. "Thank goodness, just thinking of that boat makes me sick." Natsu gags. Everyone laughs.

 "Did you guys beat up the bad guys then?" the little boy asks. "We did! Thats when I found out that he was a wizard, a dragon slayer at that!" Lucy exclaims. "Really! Can you show us your magic?" the little girl asks. 

"Sure, here it goes-" Lucy slaps her hand over Natsu's mouth. "Oh no you don't! Not in here!" "Awww...." The kids frown. "It's okay, I'll show you later, hehe!" Natsu giggles.

 "What was that?" 


"Anyways, after I found out and he took care of the bad guys, the army came looking for us!" Lucy says. "The whole army?!" The two children gasp. "Yup, man I really did it that time! Wrecking things is fun!"  "Dont encourage them!" 

"What did the army do?" The little boy asks. "Well Kid, they of course wanted to arrest us for the damage and ruckus caused. So, I ran to the guild. To bad, I accidentally forgot to let go of her." "ACCIDENTALLY?!" Lucy yells. "Please, you just don't want to admit it. You took my hand and looked into my eyes. Then you told me that we'd go on endless adventures..." Lucy swoons. "Yeah yeah, whatever you say." "Jerk!"

Suddenly, the doors open to reveal a pink-haired lady with a raven-haired man. "Mommy! Daddy!" The two children run to the pair. "Hello! Did you miss me?" Nashi picks up the raven haired girl! "We would've, if grandma and grandpa didn't tell us this funny story!" The girl giggles. "Mom! Dad!" Nashi whines, embarassed. "Calm Down Honey, we didn't tell them too much." Lucy winks. "I can't with you two." "Love you two Nash!" 

"Well anyways, Storm and I planned family activies, so we have to go." Nashi explains. "Family activities? Why weren't we invited?" Lucy frowns. "Cause we're too cool." Nastu grins. "No Dad, your too old. Plus, you know what I mean! Immediate Family!" Nashi explains. "Yeah Yeah, whatever you call it." 

As the family leaves, Natsu wraps his arm around Lucy. "It's been how long now? 40 years or so?" Natsu ponders. "Stop!" Lucy lightly pushes his chest. "Your making me feel old." She pouts. "Luce.. we are old." Natsu looks down, confused. "Nevermind you dense idiot!" Lucy hides her face in her hands. 

"I still can't believe that Hargeon was all those years ago. To think we're still going on adventures." Natsu says. "Yeah...." Lucy trails off. "Hey, Luce?" Natsu asks. "Hm?" 

"I love you."

"You say that all the time baka!" 

"I mean it though, I really love you, and I want to grow old with you. Don't ever leave, please?"

Lucy smiles at the sudden kindness and kisses his lightly wrinkled cheek. "Leave? Natsu we're 40 years in, I would never leave this late in. I'm kind of stuck with you now." LUcy chuckles. 

"I guess you are."

The two cuddle for awhile, enjoying their company while reflecting on everything that's happened. Alvarez, Galuna Island, Tartaros, everything. It all seemed in the past now; like their time was over. Now, it was up to their children and grandchildren to create their own memories. Their time was long over; but they've come to have peace with that. Everyone gets old after all..

"Lucy~" Natsu purrs. 

"What now, you baka." 

"It's unfair."

Lucy looks up at Natsu, confused. 


"You haven't aged a day since that day."

"Stop lying." 

"It's true!"

"Baka! I know I'm old but you don't have to rub it in my face!"



This was kinda short but oh well. njoy.

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