Episode 6 - Now

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* As they're going to huaven, They can see some falling "Asteroid" looking falling objects from the sky *- Episode 6 -Story By: Delacruzjons00

Characters: AeraBaneKateJakeJuniorAngelJane*With Help Of Grammarly*

*Story Progression By delacruzjonas00 *

Bane: Hey look Shooting Stars!

Kate: Those are Asteroids DIMWIT!

Junior: I think those are not asteroids either...

Bane: * Tongue Out At Kate *

Kate: * Grunts *

Aera: UFO *She Whispered*

Jake: We can't just walk out here on guard down guys. We should be careful.

Junior: Look Strallyholme!

Aera: I still can see some craters here...

Angel: What happened here?

Bane: I think you're going to say what I said before.

Angel: What?

Bane: No! Not That!

Angel: Huh? * Thinking That Bane Is Acting Crazy *

Junior: Hey guys look! Apples!

Jake: I think you guys should get some while I wait.

Jane: OOHHH! Like this one! * While She Grabs A Red Apple *

Bane: Guys! look a cockroach!

Kate: WHERE?! WHERE?! * Freaked Out *

Bane: Look down there!

Kate: * Screams *

Angel: Hey chill he's talking about that alien! Wait! ALIEN!

* Jane Shoots It With A Gun *

Jane: Dead

Kate: Ewwww

Bane: Ugh...

Jake: Guys! We're running out of time!

* They heard a sonic boom *

Bane: * Dropped an apple * I think I won't get it anymore.

Kate: I agree

Angel: Guys let's go!

* They ran back and they saw a dead demon *

Kate: I think about to puke.

Jane: Just don't look at it...

Jake: We should hurry to Huaven!~ To Be Continued ~

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