Her frost

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Caitlin: I- I'm pregnant 

Cecil: What how? That's amazing!

Cecil said enthusiastically, Yeah It was amazing but what would they think if she told them that Barry was the father, or that he cheated on Iris with her, or that they were friends with benefits. She was ready, or she thought she was clearly not anymore.

Joe: it's great but who is the dad, I mean your not dating anyone and if you were why didn't you tell us? 

Joe had said this with no expression, Caitlin froze she didn't know what to say, there stood Caitlin in front of her friends and family, all of them starting with Joe, Iris, Wally, Cisco, Ralph, Sherlock or HR, Felicity and Oliver. How could she explain this to them? She got the hard part is done which was talking to the girlfriend or in this case wife, why couldn't she do this, but was talking to Iris really the hard part. The only ones that knew where Cisco and Iris

"I-we well." she attempted but nothing came out. Iris saw the struggle on her face, "Congratulation Caitlin, we need to make a Baby shower for both of them." Iris says pointing to her belly bump. "Yes we should" Felicity said walking out followed by Iris, Ralph, Cecil and Joe. 

"Your gonna half to tell them, It's not something you can keep." Cisco said looking at me and Barry "Ya, I was gonna but I was just scared? Nervous? Excited? I don't know what I was." Caitlin said looking down in shame. " It's okay we can have another shot at it." Barry said giving her a kiss on her forehead. Suddenly everyone came back in, "Guys you need to see this" Joe said coming in. Suddenly Ralph can in hands wrapped around Dawn, her hair had strands of white and her Eyes where crystal blue and white. "What happened to her," Barry asked

"We don't know, we were hanging out and talking when she got mad." Ralph explained," What were you talking about?" Caitlin asked now rushing to Dawns sighed "I was just talking about how Barry would call Iris his lightning rod, and how Ralph gets playfully flirtatious." Joe explained not thinking much of it. Barry, Caitlin, Cisco and Iris finally got it. Dawn got mad and her frost was coming out. 

"D-Elizabeth we need you to calm down." Iris started but It just made her look even madder. Caitlin knew that things were getting out of hand and at this point, even frost was scared of Dawn hurting someone. "Dawn, hun I need you to stay with me." Caitlin said calmly ignoring how everyone was asking who Dawn was. "Mum, I can't control her." Dawn said eyes now flickering from white to her light brown ones. "come on Baby girl do it for us okay." Barry said standing beside Caitlin looking at Dawn, suddenly he frost took over, she made an Icicle and put it close to Barry and Caitlin. 

"Well well well if it isn't for the heroes, or should I say, Mom and Dad

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"Well well well if it isn't for the heroes, or should I say, Mom and Dad." Barry and Caitlin didn't react, but they heard a few gasps from behind them. "You know for a hero flash you sure let a lot of people around you down." Dawn explained "and for that, the one you love most is going to pay." Dawn continued pointing at Caitlin. Slowly Dawn began to put the Icicle to Caitlin's heart. Barry not knowing how this will end. But before she could do anything further she broke down crying, eyes Back to her normal colour. 

" You're okay, It's okay." Barry and Caitlin said comforting her.

"What did she mean by mom and dad." Asked Joe

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