Untitled Part 36

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Light filtered through the treetops high above, illuminating the thousands upon thousands of tiny, fluttering wings. The pure white light touched them, shone through them, and became a myriad of color that danced upon the grass. Every pair of wings were different, unique.

Up and up they went, circling and swaying in the dead air. Eyes followed them, straining to pick out individuals. They turned and dove as one. Mimicking the trees they rose and seperated, twirling past branches and each other.

A robin dove through them and they scattered. Flitting about the trees they fled, followed too closely by the bird. The snap of its beak caught the edge of a wing. Triumphantly, the robin scooped up the creature and took off.

The smallest shred of sky blue wing floated to the ground. The elegant creatures surrounded their fallen comrade and watched as the tiny piece of blue fell into the dirt.

Finally the others drifted down to join it. Mournfully, every last one died.

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