Untitled Part 33

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Fog drifted in no particular direction as far as the eye could see. There may not be anything to see though. And perhaps, perhaps it was not the fog that was drifting. Perhaps I was the drifter. That would not be good. If I drifted too far they may not be able to find me. But, who are they? Why are they looking for me? Is anyone looking for me? Worry sprinted through me for a moment before fading into the fog. Heaviness filled me until I asked, do I care? The reply brought back that soft, apathetic feeling. No, I don't. The world seemed to float until the fog swallowed it with the same lethargy as everything else here. Here? Where was here? And if there was a here, wouldn't there be a there? If so, where was there? What was there? Before the fog could quell my thoughts they split the sky like beacons heading in every direction. Slowly, the fog returned, clouding my mind and breaking down my willpower. Time passed unknown, unmeasured. Suddenly dogs emerged from the fog. Huge dogs as tall as I was, and followed by a familiar looking boy. He wrapped his arms around me and sighed in relief.

"I found you."

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