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"Does this look okay?" Kaycee asked, watching as her best friend ran his fingers through his hair in pure annoyance. She stood in front of the mirror, adjusting her hair as she tucked in the shirt, attempting to make it look nice.

Sean sat up. "You've tried on four different outfits, Kayc," he said. "I told you, the jeans with the striped shirt is my favorite so far. Just add a belt."

She turned to him and crossed her arms. "I want to look normal."

He laughed, standing up. "Just wear something you always wear then." He opened her first dresser drawer and grabbed a pair of black leggings, then skimmed through her hung sweaters until he found a dark blue hoodie. "Now this is a Kaycee outfit."

"Leggings?" she frowned. "On my first day? I'll look like a slob."

"No you won't. Nobody will care about your outfit, Kayc. I'm wearing joggers and a hoodie," he pointed out, handing her the clothes. "Put this on and let's go."

She let her head fall back and angrily agreed. She went into the bathroom, quickly changing into the fifth outfit and instantly feeling comfortable. Sean was right, and she knew it.

"Ready?" he asked, smiling at her new appearance. He knew it would make her feel better.

Kaycee nodded. "Yes. Let's do this."

It was about a thirty minute drive to the campus, forty minutes with their coffee run beforehand. Sean managed to find a parking spot somewhere in the middle of both buildings their first classes were in. Each only had one class that day, which made carpooling easy. Kaycee sat in his car for longer than she should have, trying to build up the nerve to go inside.

"You're gonna do great, Kayc," Sean spoke, watching as her knee bounced up and down while she scrolled through her instagram timeline. "If you need me, I'm only a few buildings over. We'll meet here after and go get lunch. How does that sound?"

Kaycee nodded. "Okay," she said. "It's just an hour and a half."

Sean agreed, setting his hand on her thigh to calm her nerves. "It's just an hour and a half," he repeated. "You'll be okay."

Kaycee smiled to him, thanking him for the ride and the coffee. She opened the door and the two got out, walking their separate ways. Kaycee wished their first class could've at least been together, but they weren't able to get placed into the same class. Sean placed into one level higher for English, but for Math they both received similar scores on the placement test. The following day they would share a music class together, which made her smile at the thought. She just had to get through today. It's just an hour and a half without him.

Sean's mind never let Kaycee go. He turned his head and saw her small figure entering her building. He could almost see her shaking from here. He did his best to assure she was prepared for class, but she was still nervous. Meeting new people and being in an environment like this terrified her. He was just grateful he got accepted into the same college as her. At first, he was applying everywhere, but when Kaycee's frustration and nerves hit about beginning a new school without him, he took it upon himself to apply and luckily got accepted. He wanted to be closer to her, and be with her to help adjust into new surroundings. Kaycee urged him to follow where his heart wanted to go, but he always chose her. Sean didn't mind. It was easier on both of them in the long run.

Without much trouble, Kaycee made it to her English class on time. Students were already sat in their unassigned assigned seats for the semester, on their phones or simply chatting away. Kaycee made her way to the other side of the class, keeping her eyes low as she passed by her classmates. She took a seat in the middle row and immediately took out her phone.

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