Finale~ 2 of 7

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"Kris! MinRi is taking her first steps! Hurry get the camera!" Tao yelled excidently. Kris walked in the room, ready to record their first babies steps. MinRi stumbled here and there but was able to make it from Tao Umma to Kris Appa.

Kris stopped the recording and put down the camera to pick up his little angel. MinRi giggled and snuggled up to Kris, Tao taking a picture.

"Who knew you could give birth to this little bundle of joy Tao?" Kris whispered, looking at Tao to sofly kiss his lips. Tao blushed and laughed when little MinRi wanted a kiss too.

Tao kissed her forehead and noted that she had Kris' small lips and nose while she had Tao's eyes and skin color.


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