Play With Fire

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Here is a chapter that was almost included in the story.

Now playing; play with fire~ Sam Tinnez

   Kayden walked down the hall slowly. Her hands running along the edge of the wall causing a burning streak. Her hair glowing red with gold streaks. Her outfit black shorts, red tank top and a black leather jacket. Her eyes glowing red as steam flowed from her body and her ring glowed. Books lit on fire as she walked past them and everyone looked at her seeing the girl angry. She raised her hand up and the door infront of her broke open in fire.

   Rafael and Warren looked up at her as she walked past them and looked at Josies ex girlfriend Penelope. She ran over to her "You hurt Lizzie?!" She screeched and punched her hard in the face. She chanted out a spell that didn't work as Kayden picked her up and threw her out of the room and jumped on the desk jumping over Rafael and Warren out of the room. Kayden pushed the girl against the wall and punched her hard. She smiled wickedly.

   "She never loved you. Josie will never love you." Penelope whispered blood dripping from her mouth. Kayden shook in anger before punching the wall beside her causing the smirk to drop.

   "Kayden stop." Warren shouted running towards the door and the fire door closed shut on the two boys.

   "Doesnt concern the two." She stared the girl down who now looked terrfied of what Kaydens capabilities were."Whats wrong? Little ice hound can't help you now?" She asked her "I thought you were satans incarnation?" She smirked then whispered in her ear "Wanted the world to burn?" She whispered evilly.

  Kayden looked at her twisting her hair. "You know.. I love watching stuff burn. Seeing things turn to ash. It would be a shame if you were next thing I'd burn alive." She whispered to her and she frowned "Oh and keep this between us yeah? I don't want to hurt my Josie heart because of you." She said to her and pulled away then took the fire from the door and threw it at the crazy ex.

  "KAYDEN NO." Rafael shouted as the fire hit everywhere but her leaving her imprint of where she stood.

   "Don't cross me. You'll find yourself in a bit of dust." Kayden said smirking and walked from the three. The three saw how Jalen was changing her and it wasn't for the good.

  "Alaric, Jalen needs to go." Warren said to them "So far Jalen has caused nothing but destruction. And he's changing Kayden." He said as the two walked down the hall.

    "What do you mean?" He asked him confused in confusion.

   "Kayden. She's been acting weird after Jalen has started helping her train" Warren explained "She's gotten control of her powers-"

   "Then I don't see the problem." He said to him stopping infront of his office.

   "That's the problem. He's still helping her. Turning her into something she's not. For fuck sakes she almost killed that witch for harming Lizzie and Josie. The girl spell didn't even work on Kayden. She's growing stronger." He said to him.

   "So?" He asked walking into his office with Warren who closed the door behind them. He was now interested.

    "Look before Kayden threw herself into Malivore she had these urges. These killing urges. Setting things on fire. Harming people on purpose. She hated herself for that and tried to control it. Jalen is not a good person nor hell hound. Infact he's nowhere near good. He's evil. And if he continues to train her. Be near her. She'll fall into that urge and it won't be long until you find a body of ash on school ground." Warren said and Alaric gulped "Look I read the letter that Kaydens dad gave her and Rafael. Keep Kayden away from the last hound. The evil one. The one who wants control. The one who wants to rule and kill everything even Triad can't stop the two together. If Kayden becomes evil she'll help him and become something she never wanted." He said and Alaric was now frowning "If someone got in Jalens way he could use her to harm her. That includes all of us." He said.

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