1• Two Demi-Gods & One Magic-y School

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Nico was unusually upset. And for one of the weirdest things ever. Well weird in his opinion.

Today had been his fortnightly check up with the Will in the infirmary, and instead of seeing the optimistic, laid back, calming son of Apollo, all he got was a "Sorry Will is busy and can't do your checkup today" from a grim looking brunette.

All Nico had done was play it cool, shrug and say "Nah, it's cool. Thanks", sparing her a small smile that seemed to make her eyes sparkle.

Now Nico was laying on his coffin like bed, sulking like a child whose toy had gotten ripped away. Deep down inside, he was looking forward to seeing Will.

He sighed thinking of all these months of blissful peace yet he got the vibe the 4 months wouldn't be peaceful much longer.

Camp Half-Blood was still in the process of healing; it's wounds no where near forgotten. The campers were volunteering, helping to build everything up again. Jason was part of them, his mission to help get all the gods noticed was going well. Nico sometimes chimed in to give him a hand, happy when Jason smiled in relief at the sight of him. Percy and Annabeth were also happy; they visited and told crazy stories about high school and everyone was amazed at the goals they had accomplished together. Hazel, Frank, and Reyna were handling Camp Jupiter with skill, glad to be allied with Camp Half-Blood. The exchanges between camps were successful. Will Solace had insisted on becoming "friends" with Nico, taking his free time (which was surprisingly scarce) to spend it with the son of Hades. Nico didn't know what to think of him; but he had to admit the whole friends thing, well he kinda liked that. Nico blushed, not really knowing why.

A knock on the door interrupted Nico's jumbled up thoughts.

Grumbling, Nico heaved himself out of the comfy bed. Oh yeah, he still had yet to go change it. The vampire thing was supposed to be insulting but by now Nico didn't know anymore. Nico yawned, pulling the door open, with a tired look on his face.

"Hey Death Boy!"

Nico tensed, then relaxed. He knew that cheery voice like the back of his hand:Will Solace.

Nico blinked."Yeah, um, what do you weed? I mean need, err, want?" Very smooth Nico. Verrry smooth. He mentally face palmed at his rusty people skills. You would think after all this time he wouldn't be so awkward near Will. Well dam.

Will just smiled, brushing Nico's slip up with a laugh. Only he could do that so naturally. "I was with Chiron and he told me to come get you."

Nico raised an eyebrow at that. "Why?" He tried to ignore the way Will's blue eyes seemed to darken.

Instead the son of Apollo spoke in a light hearted tone,"You'll see. I think I need to hear it twice to know I'm not dreaming."

Nico was dumbfounded to say the least.

"So let me get this straight..."

An annoyed expression was on Nico's face. "I'm going on a quest to a school for wizards, to protect a so-called "Golden Trio", undercover as a normal student for the duration of a whole year and this guy–" He gestured at the blonde beside him who frowned, "is going with me?"

"Pretty much if you put it that way." Mr.D sipped his Diet Coke slowly, bored eyes glazing over as Nico spoke. Chiron nodded, standing next to the lounging God.

Annoyance and mild rage flowed through Nico as he fought the urge to slap the stupid look off the wine god's face.

Chiron chimed in,"Since Apollo has lots of, well, trouble with Zeus, sending Will on the quest was Apollo's way of suggesting that his bloodline or more importantly he was still worthy."

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