The Little Girl Who Cried for her Wolf (2)

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Apparently I can only upload when I dont feel very well. I hope you guys still like it. -Dana xoxo




I imagined sweet little Aria crying her heart out and I felt anger and protectiveness overtake me as I let out a feral growl, debating on whether to find what hurt her or to go and comfort her. I made up my mind a few moments later and...



Chapter 2: Hidden Behind Your Lies

Aria's POV:

  "Aria, baby, wake up." My eyes shot open at the sound of his voice and I cringed deeper into the cover of my comforter.

 "Who let you in, Clark?"

 "Liam. Who else would let me in?" His eyes flashed with danger, as his muscular figure loomed over me.I tensed and hoped I would be able to get out of this.

 "No one Clark. I was just surprised to see you." I flashed a fake smile and hoped it was good enough for him. I relaxed slightly as he smiled and pulled me against him. He loosened his grip slightly, not enough for me to pull away, and caressed my puffy eyes.

 "Aria, you know I am sorry about yesterday right? I didn't mean to push you into anything. Sometimes I just can't help myself. I mean I am your boyfriend so there shouldn't be any problem right?" His voice dared me to go against what he said and promised there would be punishment if I did. I nodded meekly and mumbled an excuse about having to go get ready. He reluctantly freed me from his hold and I ran to the bathroom grabbing jeans and a baggy v neck. I turned on the hot water and hoped the steam would help calm me down. I froze as I heard the door open. reaching forward with shaky hand I shut off the water and complete silence filled the bathroom.

 "W- Who's there?" I couldn't help it, and my voice cracked halfway through. I reached my hand through the end of the curtain and began to reach for my towel. The soft material brushed against my fingers I was about to grab it when a hand grabbed my arm. I screamed as loud pas possible and tried to yank my and back. I still could not see my attacker, but I knew it was a guy by the sheer force he had as he pulled me out of the shower. My hair caught on one of the rings hanging on the curtain, and I screamed louder than I thought was possible. he dropped his hold on me, but my momentum sent me flying into the side of the counter. My scream stopped as my voice broke. Tears flowing heavily down my cheeks. I looked into his deep black eyes, Clark.

Kane's POV (sorry again for the change)

 I was laying on the guest bed thinking of Aria. I couldn't go in and comfort her last night. I was afraid that if I did I would confess everything to her. Sweet, Sweet Aria how I wish for you to be mine. A piercing scream echoed through the walls. I bolted upright and sprinted to Aria's room my protectiveness getting the better of me. I banged the door open and picked up his scent. Clark. Another scream filled my ears and I burst into the bathroom to find Aria naked and crying. She was on the ground shaking her arm dislocated from the blow, and that was all it took. Blinded by pure fury, my hands began to shake and my last coherent thought was that I must end this before my true side comes out. I cannot risk scaring Aria. I lunged forward as my wolf told me to kill him. We were wrestling it on the ground his brute did nothing against my skill. snap his neck my wolf screamed, but my human side reminded me that it would scare Aria. I knew it was true and so did my wolf so it backed down reluctantly. I smashed my fist into his face and felt his body go limp, other than the soft rise and fall of his chest. I looked up at Aria softly and carefully, calculating each step, approached her with my hands outstretched.

 "Aria, sweetheart, everything is going to be okay. I promise something like this will never happen again. I will always be there for y-" My words were interupted as she ran into my arms. Jumping up and wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my torso. I took a step back, and wrapped my arm around her. Comforting her with a sweet embrace.

 "It's okay sweetie let it all out. I'm here." I cooed. I brought her out of the bathroom and sat down on the bed, still embracing her. Eventually the shaking subsided and she sat straighter and whispered; "I love you wolfie." I tensed slightly at the old nick name and soon realized she had fallen asleep. She is in my arms where she belongs.



I hope you guys like it.

-Dana xoxo

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