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Lisa POV
Jennie is avoiding this day, what the hell she's doing!, I'm not used with it ugh.

"Hey why are you keep avoiding me, Is there something wrong?" I annoyingly asked.

"No." she coldly said.

Ugh I'm totally pissed off, I grabbed her arm  and I push her in the wall.

"Ouch!" she muttered.

"Why are you fucking avoiding me, I won't let you go if you didn't answer my fucking question!" I angrily said.

"I tell this to y-" I slap her phone and it throw away somewhere.

"What the fuck, why did you do that to my phone!" she yelled.

"Stop telling this to mom, she don't have an right to tampered us." I said.

"What do you fucking want!" she yelled.

"Just ask my fucking question first you freak!" I said and she suddenly stop.

She fucking push me and walk away from me.

What the hell, she didn't answered my question.

Fuck, if she want this, fine let's play your game.

~Time Skipped~

Were keep avoiding to each other like we're ordinary people, weird right?.

Someone knock on the door, and it's mom lol, what the hell she's doing here.

"Hey mom" I said.

"Sweetie, where's your wife?" she asked.

"Tsk, why would I know if where she is, I don't even care about her tss." I muttered.

"What did you say?" she asked.

"Nothing, why don't you look for her instead of me?" I rudely said.

"Your his husband why you didn't know where she is?" she said.

"Coz I didn't care about her." I said and mom looked at me.

"What kind of-" I cut her off.

"Mom, you don't to say that, I gotta go" I said and I went outside.

Jennie POV
I heard Lisa and her mom talking, she's totally pissed off because of me.

When Lisa go outside, Lisa's mom saw me, hiding at the wall.

"Why are hiding there Jennie? Did my daughter have a fight with you?" she asked.

"Actually yes mom." I said.

"For What reason?" she asked.

"I don't know." I plainly said while looking at the floor.

"Oh Sweetie, if you can't open a problem with me, it's okay, you guys can fix it if you want to." She said and smiled at me.

I don't where Lisa got to her mom, she's too kind not like her.

~Time Skipped~

I don't what to do with her, maybe I will apologies to her for some pathetic reason? Or I will tell to her that I'm falling for her?.

I have a lot a question on my mine, and i snap out of my thoughts when I heard the door open.

I go outside of my room and I hide at the stair, and I didn't saw who is that person who came in our house, fuck why it's so dark.

I went to the kitchen, and I look for a frying pan as my defense tool. Then I went to the living room, I heard some steps near to the couch, I touch the light button at the wall, I jump at that person and we fall at the couch.

I open the light, and I started to hit that person in frying pan.

"What the fuck Jennie!, Are you going to kill me!?" a familiar voice said.

I look at who I was hitting and its Lisa's, fuckk.

"I thought there was stranger came in" I said and she's still wearing her angry face.

Then I look at our position, it's kinda weird like at the dirty tapes I watched.

"Are you going to stay in that position huh?" Lisa asked.

"I-I'm sorry."i said and I get out of her.

" Good" she said and she went to upstairs.

She still angry at me, I want to apologise to her immediately.

I ran toward to her and I stop her by grabbing her arm.

"What?" she asked.

"I'm sorry Lisa." I said.

"For what!?" she said.

"Lisa, I'm sorry if I'm avoiding you always, I don't know why but I think I've fallen for you, When I'm always with you, My feeling for you is getting stronger and stronger, so I avoid you, I want to forget this weird feelings but I can't do it, I know that you can't fall the way I fall for you." I said and I started to cry.

I felt her arms with me, she hug me so tight and tell me to calm.

"Don't that weren't the same feelings to each other Jennie, I have feelings for you too, I can't help myself to talk to you, I can't live without you, I can't help myself to tease you. Jennie I want to take this relationship to be real, I like-, no I mean I love you Jennie, can we stay like this in just a minute? "she asked. Then I nodded.

~Time Skipped~

Lisa and I, were official, she's kinda tease, and we're always dating if she's not busy.

And now, she's with me, and we're watching some romantic movies.

"Honey, Why don't we watch some dirty tapes of yours." she said while smirking at me.

"Such a tease aigoo, Dirty tapes is not your type, why don't we watch something you like?" I said while smirking.

"Okee" she happily said.

She stand up and she went to her room upstairs.

Then she went down holding a case of tapes.

"I think they are old tapes?" I said.

"Nah, some of them are new, coz I didn't even watch them coz im busy.

Then she put a tape in the dvd and she went to the couch and sit.

When the play, I became silent. My husband is weird.

" What the hell Lisa, you're not kid  anymore "I demand.

" Mind your own business, and why did you call at my name? " she irritatingly said.

" Ugh fine, I just want to say it lol." I said.

Then we watch her tapes she wants in a silent way, and when we're finish watching.

I look at her and she fucking sleeping, what a sleepyhead ugh.

I kissed her forehead and I went to the kitchen to cook for lunch.

Lisa POV

When I wake I up, I saw my wifey cooking food for lunch.

I went to her and I hug her back, and suddenly, I tickle her.

"ish stop it Lisa, I can't cook properly" she said.

"Ugh fine, what were eating for lunch?" I asked.

"You" she tease.

I blush and giggle.

"Do you want to try that now?" I teased.

And she blush and hiding her face at me.

"Aigo such a tease, you win" she said as a loser.

"Hahah Alright, don't be sad honey, you already win my heart remember?" I said and she blush again.

"Ishhh stop teasing at me." she said while hide her face.

"My my,  she so cute as ever ^~^"

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