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JACK TAPPED HIS fingers on the steering wheel of his jeep to the song that was coming out of the radio, bopping his head along to it

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JACK TAPPED HIS fingers on the steering wheel of his jeep to the song that was coming out of the radio, bopping his head along to it. He glanced out his window when he heard a door shut, a "sorry" being shouted afterward.

Hazel turned away from her house, her black converse hitting the stone path as she ran. She reached the red heel and put her arms over the open window, smiling at the curly-haired boy who grinned right back at her.

"Ready to go, Jacky?" She asked and opened the door, climbing into the passenger seat. She buckled her seatbelt and looked over at him, moving some of her short hair away from her lip.

"Yep." Jack nodded his head and pulled the car out of the driveway. He turned the dial on the radio and a familiar song came on, a smile spreading across the curly-haired boy's lips. He started singing along and heard Hazel laugh, turning to look at her and feeling his heart flutter.

"Y'know, you can really sing." She commented as he turned down the volume on the radio. Her arms were crossed over her chest but she was smiling, her head nodding when he looked over again. "I mean it. You're really talented, J."

Jack fought to keep the heat from rising to his cheeks and he looked back to the road. "You really think so?" He asked sheepishly. It meant a lot to him that she said that. Music was something he cared about, and so was she.

"Absolutely. You're one of the most talented people I know." Hazel said and placed her hand on his upper arm gently. Jack's eyes flickered down to it for a second and his smile widened. He looked back to the darkened outside, street lamps beginning to turn on as the sun dipped from blue to pink and purple with the sunset.

THE CAR STOPPED in front of a large house. And by large, Jack meant large.

It was a nice white and dark brown exterior with balconies coming from some windows, one big one overhanging the first floor where the second one dipped in. Music could be heard from down the block and judging by the faint sounds of splashing, teens were enjoying the pool outback.

This was much more than just a campfire in the backyard.

As Hazel and Jack walked up the driveway to the house, she seemed to be getting more and more visibly nervous. Her bottom lip was tightly between her teeth, eyes on the ground, and her hands were busy, fingers messing with a black ring with gold music bars along it that she wore on her left ring finger.

Wait a second...

"Is that my ring?" Jack asked, his gaze down on the small piece of jewelry she wore. 

Hazel's eyes flickered to it as well and he could swear her cheeks tinted the slightest bit pink. "Maybe. I might've seen it one time when I was over and took it." She admitted quietly, keeping her gaze down.

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