Sophie Knows

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Welcome, to the world of romance. Please have a seat and keep tissues by you at all times.

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~Chapter Twenty Five.~

~Sophies P.O.V~

"Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring!"


I open my eyes and reach over on my bedside table to pick up my phone.

"What?" I say in a drowsy voice.

"Well, someone went to bed early tonight." I hear an annoying, sarcastic voice say. "It's nice to talk to you too, Soppie."

I look at the clock.

11:24 pm

Wow, I did go to sleep early.

I yawn. "Where were you today, Gabriel?" I say, hating when my voice cracks on his name."And why are you calling me this late?"

It was quiet for a while and I was wondering if he was going to respond or not. "Um..." I raise my eyebrows.


"I was at the cemetery." He says slowly.

I yawn again and rub my eyes with the palm of my other hand, that's not holding the phone."And..?"

"And, I saw someone there..."

I smile up at my ceiling. "Well, that's kinda creepy. Was it a zombie? "

I hear him chuckle. "No, he wasn't a zombie."

"Oh, so it was a he." I smirk. "Was he your boyfriend?"

Gabe laughs loudly and I smile and relax at the sound.

I hate it when Gabe becomes serious.

"No, he's your boyfriend."

I furrow my eyebrows together. "My boyfriend?" I laugh quietly. "I don't have a boyfriend."

He stops laughing and growls quietly. "Not anymore, you don't."

"Um..." I say confused. "What are you talking about?"

He sighs deeply and I can tell he's fighting with himself.

"I'm not sure if I should tell you or not."

"Gabe...You can tell me anything, you know that."

"I know...I just don't want to hurt you, Soppie. I hate it when you're upset."

My stomach growls and I get up out of bed and quietly starts making my way out of my room.

"Please tell me. I'm confused." I whisper as I tip toe down the hallway.

"Fine. But, you have to promise me, you won't be too upset."

"Okay." I whisper as I start going down the stairs. "I promise."

I walk through the living room and almost trip on the television remote that was upside down on the floor. "Ugh! Stupid-" I mumble then pick it up and set it on the table.

"Sophie, I saw Zack at the cemetery."

I nod my head, not remembering he can't see me. "What was he doing there?" I ask while walking into the kitchen and opening the refrigerator.

"Well..I think he was visiting his dead brothers grave. At least that's what I heard."

I gasp. "He has a dead brother?"

Maybe that's why he acts like a jerk all the time.

"Yes. And that's not all that I heard."

My mouth waters as I see the pizza from last night in the fridge and I take it out and put it on the table. "What was you doing? Spying on him? You in looove with him?" I ask jokingly.

Gabe chuckles. "Watch it, Soph."

I smile and open the fridge again and take out a diet Mtn Dew. "Sorry, sorry. So what else did you hear?"

He clears his throat. "He talked about you..."

What? He talked about me?

I feel my face heat up as I take a bite out of the cold pizza. "What about me?"


I roll my eyes. "Just spit it out, Gabe." I say, then starts taking a drink out of my soda.

"He made a bet about you. He has to get you to be his girlfriend in the next couple weeks."

I spit my drink out.


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