Chapter 1

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Miracle POV

"Ok but I still feel like the baby shouldn't be punished for anything," I argued.

"Who asked blacky anyways," Chris laughed.

Ugh not this ignorant fuck. I absolutely HATE Christopher Maurice Brown. We've been going to school together since elementary...and let me tell you....WORST YEARS OF MY LIFE.

First off he's a man whore and literally can't keep his dick in his pants. Then he's a light skin that looks down on darker we're some piece of trash. He actually told me we're some piece of trash one day.

Anytime I make a comment, here he come bringing up my skin tone. I shared debate and Poetry with him and they're all a living hell.

I never understood what was the big deal with skin tones.....why does everyone look down on dark skins when 9 times outta 10 yo damn ancestors were darker than me.

"Christopher this IS's a discussion with the whole class," I rolled my eyes.

"Ok but still," he laughed.

Once the bell rung I slowly started to leave. Why be in a rush when I have to see this asshole again.

Finally when I made it to class everyone took their seats and class began.

"Ok is the day you all will present your poems ," the teacher smiled. "First I will like to go with Chris"

Everyone cheered him on as he walked to the front of the class.

He cleared his throat, "Umm I just came up with this," he laughed. "Does my bright skin burn your eyes girl
Does my soft touch make your toes curl.
Why be in the dark when there's so much light
Girl here's my number come spend a night

"Christopher this is suppose to EXPRESS yourself NOT holla at girls," the teacher fussed. "Have a seat....Miracle your up"

I stood up causing a couple of people to laugh and joke.

"Damn she black as fuck"

"She's the color of the bottom of my shoe"

All of a sudden the lights flicked off.

"Ahh shit where did she go," I heard Chris say causing everyone to laugh.

"MR.BROWN TURN BACK ON MY LIGHT," the teacher demanded.

"I call this piece...'Chocolate'......Chocolate, Chocolate that rich and beauty of me
That melanin queen I could be
The way my chocolate Drip
I see the flow of yo eyes
You want a piece of my thighs
But why?
Cuz of the chocolate hypnotize," I smirked at the class. "Does my chocolate send chills down your spine
Why? Cuz my skin so divine-

"Don't lie to yo self ni....don't NOBODY want yo black ass," Chris laughed.

"Christopher," the teacher warned

"I'll never date a chick as dark as you"

"And I'll never date a nigga as light as you"

"That's Fine by me bitch," he mugged me. "Dont nobody like yo burnt ass"

"Actually everyone LOVES this chocolate you asshole,"I rolled my eyes.

Everyone in class laughed.

"Ms.Watts please take your seat," the teacher spoke.

I rolled my eyes and did as told. The whole class was joking around about me and my poem...I tried blocking them out but that barley worked.

Here's the thing...I've had a crush on Chris since hurts to know I will NEVER have a chance with him......


I woke up to someone snoring next to me. I looked around and I saw that I wasn't in my room. I had a huge ass headache and someone arm was wrapped around my naked body.

FUCK!!! Not this again. I was only suppose to grab a couple of drinks with my sister then we's another one night fuck.

I examined the arm and saw the light skins. I mugged the fuck outta it. I vowed to NEVER date a light skin...after all those kids picked with me back in school. I've literally only dealt with dark skins until today.

I looked at all the tattoos covering the arm...nice Artwork highlighter. The arm moved away from me indicating the highlighter will be waking up.

I sat up and waited to see their face.

"What's up," the husky voice spoke.

I didn't replied because I waiting to see their face. Whoever it was really put in some work last night because my body is in PAIN!!!

Finally turned around and I liked to lost my mind.

"WHAT THE FUCK," we both screamed.


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