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Hey there. I'd love to invite you to this book and I strongly hope it will inspire you . I͟͟t͟͟'s͟͟ a͟͟ d͟͟e͟͟v͟͟o͟͟t͟͟i͟͟o͟͟n͟͟a͟͟l͟͟.

      [ Y̸͟͞O̸͟͞U̸͟͞ P̸͟͞A̸͟͞R̸͟͞T̸͟͞ C̸͟͞A̸͟͞N̸͟͞ B̸͟͞E̸͟͞ S̸͟͞K̸͟͞I̸͟͞P̸͟͞P̸͟͞E̸͟͞D̸͟͞ ]

For starters. The Parts this book are arranged in order (From the easier truths  to the more complex truths .)From basic to Advanced.

       My Reason for Writing this book.
Way before I got saved. I used to hear all sorts of stories concerning those folks who where saved. Many often times said that such folks always seemed to be so religious that they hardly had any time to hang out with their friends and that they always lead a very quiet life, Over praying without results, poor etc.

This affected my life. After hearing all that, what went into my mind was that, Why should I get saved anyway?Is that how I want my life to end? Most certainly not. But I think that what kept me back most was the fact that I was ignorant of this new life. I didn't know how beautiful it was thus for quite a lot of time I didn't refer anything concerning God as of any importance. But by the Grace of God, I got saved after coming in contact with the Gospel.

I came to realize that what many had said about being born again was all nothing but just mere words not faith. Myths but not Reality

Anyways, The reason I wrote this book following an urge and desire to let people know what Jesus made available to us after his sacrifice on the Cross:The message that gave my life a whole new different perspective.
My life as per now is balanced and I'm functioning right. The Word of God has become so real to me. It makes sense to me. I'm alive to spiritual realities. I'm happy and nothing can easily take that away from me because I realised its part of me to be happy.

So why do I tell you about my life. Well it's simple. As you read through the different parts I pray that everything becomes much more realistic and alive to your understanding that you can easily believe act upon this truth.

*This book is instructive. That means, Tells you what to do.
*Contains some Hebrew and Greek words. The reason for this is because some of the words in the Bible are best explained in their natural translation.
The Old Testament was written in Hebrew. So for any context You see coming from a verse in the Old Testament is where I've picked out a word and given you the 'actual' translation, Get to know that it's from the Hebrew translation.

The New Testament was written in Greek. For any context You see coming from any verse in the New Testament is where I've picked out a word and given you the 'actual' translation, Get to know that it's from the Greek translation.
*The scriptures in this book are from the King James Bible.

#1.When you feel hard pressed on everytime and feel like nothing seems to be working and going on well in your life. Feel free to visit this book and I believe you'll find a solution.
#2.Christian? Then this is for you. The message in this book is the right one for you then.
#3.Still have doubts about your new life as a Christian, then I've got good news for you.
4#.Keep it in your library. You'll need it at some point if not now.

Just in case you don't understand a certain topic, feel free to message me privately. Thanks.

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