18. Time.

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Time seems to fly when you're busy or enjoying it. Why does happiness never last?
It always seems to fade into the unknown and only return once you deserve it again.
Do I deserve happiness? I don't know.

I watch them play in the park, only a few meters away from me as I lean against one of the poles.

"Mom," Kari runs up to me pointing at the slide. "Can I?"
"Isn't it too high for you?" I look up at the slide.
"No it's not!"
"Get your brother and get up there together," I smile and look at Yun who is climbing in the ropes.
"Yuuunnnn!" Kari runs back to him and I watch how she points at the slide and Yun jumps down to go with her.

"Be careful," I warn them once more before walking to the slide myself and watching over them.

It didn't take long for them to be back down.

Kari runs up to me to hug my legs, shouting about how fun it was. While Yun on the other side... Stares up at someone.

Someone that looks awfully like him.

My eyes widen and I quickly pull Kari up in my arms and run up to Yun and push him behind him.

My heart is beating faster and faster the more I look at him.

"Y/n," he asks, his eyes wide at the sight in front of him.
"It's been what... 6 maybe 7 years..."
I don't reply.


That's all I had to say. I didn't want to see him. I didn't want them to see him.
But then... Why did I feel like running in his arms and falling into his trap again? Why did I wish to be wasted away again? Maybe for their happiness... Maybe.

"I know you hate me and I deserve it," he starts off. "But I just wanted to see them with my own eyes. I'm utterly surprised..." He chuckles, "two kids. Both are mine right?"

He stares at Yun's face and smiles lightly. The same eyes, same lips. His eyes avert to Kari that I hold tightly in my arms. The eyes and nose, so similar to his own.

He can see himself in their eyes.

"How did you find me?"
"I have a good friend that saw you here. Don't worry he doesn't know about the children. I didn't even know either but I guessed that it would be possible. Although the thought of having twins never crossed my mind..."

I gulp as I stare at him, holding onto my children tightly. There is no one to protect me, no one to keep my children safe.

But how did he know I was pregnant?

"I guessed it the last day we saw each other. Something seemed off and since that one day happened, that I do deeply regret, I guessed it could be possible."

Finally I'm able to get words over my lips.

"All you've done to me was give me pain and suffering. Leave and never return."

"Ah your voice... I didn't realise until the day you disappeared that I love your voice so much."

"Mom," Yun tugs on my shirt and I look down, placing my hand on his head.
"It's alright," I whisper to him.

"What are their names?"
"Why do you want to know?"
"You know that I have all the right to know."

If only I could speak to him alone without the children around then I would be able to say every word out loud. Then I'd be able to curse at him as much as I want.

But, I'm held back for now.

"If you only behaved like that then maybe yes. But now? No, I won't tell you."

He sighs and glances at both children before looking into my eyes.

"I haven't touched a single woman since that one day. Because I realised that you were the only one and the rest was just a waste of time."

~author note~

The end.

(This is actually the official ending for the story but read the next chapter for something special)

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