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memento mori.
vi. shut up and let me see your jazz hands.

          STUMBLING OUT OF the bar, waves of hilarity roll of their tongue, crashing into each other to make loud cackles of laughter. Both their pupils seem to devour all the colour, leaving their eyes void but their minds intoxicated, on a high. They crash together onto a pavement, Angie pulling away from him before he can touch her. Their laughter quietens down a bit, the cold concrete shooting ice up their arms. Noticing this, Stiles offers Angie his flannel, seen as though she lost hers in the midst of chaos.

She hugs it tightly as they walk down the now deserted street in Mexico. Hair dancing in the midnight wind, a comfortable silence floats around them. Stiles, sometimes tripping over his own feet or the curb of the pavement, takes a few glances at Angie whose eyes are full of awe at the sight of the modern buildings. Music now becomes a quiet muffled sound though Angie still slightly hums along with it, a slight skip in her step. Stiles shakes his head, laughing, when she starts twirling around, rolling her shoulders and shooting him a grin. "Come on, dance." She jumps around him, 'Chelsea Dagger' by The Fratellis playing, and shaking her hair as her hands move up and down in front of her. Their high seems to pass, allowing them to enjoy themselves without the intoxicated pounding in their head.

Continuing to skip, she grabs a streetlight, twirling around the pole with one hand while staring at Stiles, eyes gleaming. He sighs softly before skipping over to her, feet sliding on the pavement while his arms spread out. They continue to dance, giggling while making their way down the street briskly. Curtesy to his clumsiness, Stiles trips, collapsing onto the floor, causing the two to hunch over in laughter.

The moons spotlight brings highlight to the coating of sweat on his forehead as well as reflecting a glitter in his puppy-like eyes. "You aren't going to help me up?" Stiles pouts sarcastically, bringing himself to his feet and throwing a finger to Angie, who grins and returns it. Said grins drop suddenly, the sound of a bullet flying past them, forcing them to immediately start running. It pings into the streetlight pole, before another one is shot, shattering the window as they crouch in time to not be hit.

Eyes wide, they sprint down the street, bullets flying their faces, skimming their noses. Trying to muffle their sounds, they fail, unsuccessful because of their loud pants and heaving chest. "Down here." She yelps, jumping when a bullet shoots the pavement by her foot. Following her order, Stiles feet skid to a stop before he runs around the corner.

They run down an alleyway, Angie leading the way despite never being in Mexico. Trash litters the floor, the lids of garbage bins bent out of place and thrown carelessly on the ground, seemingly place purposely to be an obstacle in their way. Broken brick walls enclose them into the alleyway, the stench of garbage and waste forcing their noses to burn. Stiles looks back at the commotion once they reach a dead end, a gang of masked men come charging down towards the two adolescents, causing him to freeze in fear.

"Stiles! Climb over the wall!" She demands, eyes widening in panic and alarm at the sight of raised guns. His hands fumble to grip the bricks but he pushes himself over the wall, knowing he was going to be thrown on deaths doorstep if not. Following suit, Angie falls to the floor on the other side of the wall, the gang and the delinquents separating by the wall causing them to smile in victory.

"Why the fuck was your subconscious dreaming of being chased by a fucking gang with guns." Angie yells, running again at the sight of the men stumbling to shove themselves over the wall.

"I don't know, let me just ask the voice inside my head." Stiles answers sarcastically, out of breath and shooting the girl a look of exasperation. He notices a metal ladder, following up to the roof of a building and immediately jumps to it. "Over here." He calls out to her, her head whipping around and hair flying everywhere. She follows him up the ladder, only making it halfway before they're getting shot at again. She clenches her eyes shut at the sound metal pinging against metal. Stiles scrambles slightly, snatching his hand away from its position before its shot at. He rushes up the ladder, making it to the roof and immediately ducking behind the bricks.

Angie tries to follow him swiftly though she jumps unexpectedly when her foot is inches away from a flying bullet. Her feet trip to find the ladder again, hanging only by her tight grip of her hands wrapping around the ladder. Stiles looks over the bricks, holding his hand out for Angie to grab though she anxiously shakes her head, trying to find a safe position on the ladders but failing to do so. She looks down, heart dropping at the sight of the gang making its way up the ladder.

"Take my hand!" Stiles calls out, only to met with a weak shake of the head. "Why not!"

"I can't touch you!" She screams back, voice shaking from the fear of falling despite the fact she wouldn't die even if she did fall, due to the fact Stiles would wake up before she makes contact with the concrete. "If I touch you, I'll either come back to life or I'll fade into nothingness and I kinda prefer actually existing as an angel." She rushes out, Stiles cursing under his breath before picking up a large brick.

"Watch out!" He calls out, flinging the rock down the side of the building. It passes Angie as she leans her body to one side, flying down and landing with a smash on one the gang members face. This causes him to lose his grip, falling, landing on the other gang members and collapsing with them all to the floor. At the sound of groans and moans of pain, she turns to Stiles with a smile to which he grins back, winking at the girl now that she falls onto the rooftop.

"Don't be getting to smug on me, Stilinski." She smiles, lifting herself of the floor and turning around to face him. Her face drops at the sight of an approaching gang member, sneaking up to Stiles who has his back turned, oblivious to the raised knife to him. She runs towards the man, flickering out her angel blade and slicing the mans neck.

Stiles stares, wide eyes, flickering from the beaming blade to the mans neck who surprisingly wasn't bleeding to death but still collapses to the floor. "Y-you just killed someone." He stutters out, flimsily pointing to the unconscious body with a gaping mouth and shocked stare.

Angie sighs softly, her breathing eventually becoming rhythmic as the panic washes away. "I'm an angel, I can't kill anybody. I just made him temporarily unconscious." Her angel blade flutters into thin air, disappearing from his view as well as the background. The white walls come back, closing the view and suggesting Stiles was waking up. "See ya' later alligator." She salutes, jumping off the roof into oblivion.

Stiles wakes up with a gasp, heart beating at a immeasurable speed. His hair is drenched in sweat, brown eyes filled with terror and wide. He collapses back into his duvets, relief and solace enclosing his body while he bites back a growing smile at the memory of the dream.

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