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I have no idea who I got this from but I found it in my memos so I'm doing it.

1. Is there a story I'm putting off for some reason?

-Creep because I can't write intense scenes and it's killing me.

2. What work am I most embarrassed about for existing?

-The whole Elle Clauson series. It's the worst thing I've written. I haven't spent any time really developing characters or plot.

3. What order do I write in?

-I write whatever's easiest.

4. Favorite character I've written?

-Charlie Weasley

5. Character I was surprised to enjoy writing?

-Sam Wilson.

6. Something I'd like to change but it's too late?

-I lowkey want to rewrite the entirety of Creep.

7. Enthusiastic or embarrassed to tell people I write?

-Depends. Enthusiastic about my original stuff, embarrassed about my fanfics since people don't understand not ever fanfic is cringy smut.

8. Favorite genre to write?

-I like writing fantasy horror stuff. Like horror in a fantasy setting.

9. Wyd for inspiration?

-Cry. Pray. Sleep. Beg. Hope. Most of my ideas come from movies I've seen so that I guess.

10. Music or silence? Alone or with people?

-Silence with people.

11. What aspect of writing have I improved the most in since I started writing?

-My dialogue is so much better.

12. Weakness as a writer?

-Showing character development and also making a plot that makes sense.

13. Strengths?

-I think I'm pretty good at descriptions and dialogue.

14. Playlists for your work?

-I don't have any rn but I'm working on it.

15. Why did I start writing?

-Because I couldn't remember the stories that my sister and I played through. We would make complex stories and try to add onto them each time but we forgot easily. So I started writing them down.

16. Characters that haunt me?

-My oc Andrew, he deserves much better than the mess of a draft he currently has.

17. Advice for a young writer?

-Write every story idea you have down. Also don't worry about word counts.

18. Read anything that changed my writing style?

-Not really. But roleplays definitely changed my writing style. Like majorly.

19. How do I keep track of my characters and outlines?

-Each chapter has a draft with what needs to be in it, I keep that note in until I finish the chapter to make sure I'm on track.

20. Long writing sessions or spurts?

-It really depends.

21. Opinions when I look at my old writing?

-Mostly I'm just in awe of how many plot twists I had.

22. Subjects that make me uncomfortable to write?

-I have a hard time writing trans characters. It irritates me to no end because I want proper trans inclusion in my fics and I know how to represent it cause I am trans. I can't write dysphoria without feeling dysphoric. Which is fun.

23. Obscure life experiences that help my writing?

-I've had experience in 2 different social classes and also have had more parents than most people so I guess that. I can write different types of parents really well because I have so many different ones.

24. Became an 'expert' in something to write a story better?

-Not an expert but I have studied D.I.D and selective mutism so I could write those better.

25. Copy paste something that I've wrote that makes me proud.

-The light blonde haired girl stood and smoothed out her dress, making sure everything was perfect. Imperfection wasn't an option. Perfection was a necessity. A way of survival if you will. There could never be a wrinkle or a stray hair. She had been taught to be presentable at all times, especially now.

Now when her family was facing shame.

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