I wake up to my body being cradled in Harry's arms, his arms so tightly and protectively wrapped around my body that I'm sure that they Are going to leave a mark on my skin. I snuggle my head into the crook of Harry's neck and place my hands on his chest, his scent is still noticeable, I breathe it in and tingles get sent down my throat to my lungs.

My body aches from the activities of last night and my body is still warm with the heat the activities involved. Twisting a curl from Harry's head around my index finger, I feel the shiny strand glide against my skin. I smile and watch Harry as he sleeps peacefully, his lips are pulling up at the sides so he is slightly smiling and the frowns which where visible last night are now gone.

I kiss Harry's cheek and then climb out of Harry's grasp and stand on the ground, the cold air meets my naked body and sends shivers down my spine, and I grab the closest piece of clothing near to me. Which is Harry's top, totally cliché right?

Have sex with your boyfriend night before and you wake up and wear his top, totally cliché. The white top hangs off my shoulders, the bagginess making it more comfortable. The top smells of Harry just like expected and it makes it feel like Harry is by my side constantly.

Walking out of my room I give a once over at my room, there is clothes scattered across the floor and my bed is completely wreck and messy with the bed sheets come undone and the duvet twisted and tangled with Harry's legs, half the pillows which were at the top of my bed are now at the bottom and the only pillow which Harry is sleeping is at the top of the bed.

I turn around and pull the wooden door of my room close until there is a couple inch gap between the door frame and the door. I look around the hallway and make sure the place is empty and then take tiny and cautious steps over to the stairs where I walk down them checking behind my shoulder with every step.

I really need to get a grip, Alessandro and James are in jail right now, they can't hurt me they can't get to me, so why am I worrying about it? I'm being pathetic.

I get down stairs and into the kitchen, the place is totally clean so someone has been in here and cleaned up the mess. I walk over to the fridge and take out the butter and then get the bread out the bread bin.

Popping in 4 slices of toast into the toaster, I feel a warm pair of arms wrap around my waist and their head resting on my left shoulder. I giggle as they dig their hands into my side and tickle me a little, “morning beautiful,” Harry whispers into my ear, another totally cliché moment yeah? The boyfriend waking up catching you in the kitchen in his top making breakfast for you both.

“Mmm morning,” I reply, Harry kisses my cheek and then opens the lid of the butter and scoops some of it onto a knife and starts to spread it on the toasted bread. Doing this all whilst he is still behind me and his arms coming past my sides, I laugh at his actions.

“Breakfast is ready,” Harry announces putting two slices of toast on each tea plate and then kisses my cheek. I chuckle and turn around with the two plates in my hands; Harry takes out two cups and pours orange juice into each glass.

I lead him into the front room where I sit down on the sofa and Harry follows me, we exchange a plate for a glass. I chug down a gulp of the juice and place it on the coffee table and once again Harry follows.

I only just notice that Harry is dressed in grey sweats and nothing else, and he looks extremely sexy. He skin is half tanned half pale and his six pack is clearly visible, his hair is messily styled from his bed hair and his eyes are still a little red from only just waking up.

“So what we doing today?” I speak up taking a bite of my toast,

“I thought you could come with me to see the boys at rehearsals, we have to record some songs for the new album so I thought you could like hang out with us, or you could go to college,” Harry offers me a smile and tells me his plans, I nod my head with agreement.

“I like that idea,” I smile and take another bite of my toast,

“Good, I'm glad,” Harry returns the smile and kisses my lips.

My mind flashes back to last night, we admitted to each other that we loved each other. I told Harry that I loved him and Harry told me he loved me. I said ‘I love you’ to Harry. Why can't it sink in that I said that to Harry, I'm not regretting it but I'm in shock that I have these feelings for Harry.

“Harry,” I whisper coming close to his lips so they’re hovering over his,

“Yeah?” he whispers back etching forwards to place his lips on mine, his lips come into contact and gives me a couple of soft lovable kisses on my lips and then pulls away so I can speak.

“I love you,” I whisper, my voice hardly audible but Harry clearly heard it as a grin spreads across his face,

“I love you more,” Harry grins and kisses my cheek and then takes my finished plate and stands from the sofa and walks towards the kitchen.

Once he is stood at the door frame of the kitchen he looks over his shoulder at me and smiles, “I love you most,” I retaliate, grinning.

“We will see,” Harry winks and then walks to the sink of the kitchen and dumps the plates in the sink and starts to wash up.

I take the last sip of my orange juice and get up from the sofa and walk up to the stairs to get changed. I get to spend the day with my boyfriend and my four best friends, what else could be more perfect?

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