King of Hawkins

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The next day Arya was almost late for school since Jonathan was up late at the Halloween party with Nancy. She got Freya ready for the day before getting herself ready for school.

Her  first two classes nearly made her doze off since her baby still wasn't sleeping through the night just yet

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Her  first two classes nearly made her doze off since her baby still wasn't sleeping through the night just yet. Nancy was late to first period and apparently had a fight with Steve Harrington last night. He was quickly losing his crown , being replaced by billy hargrove the asshole that wasn't so much of an asshole. She caught him staring at her in the parking lot this morning and could feel his eyes on her in class.

Gym finally came around and Arya used it was the perfect excuse for a nap. The teacher let her off since he was a man and she 'got ripped in half' only a month ago. Its good to be a woman.

She was just about to doze off on the bench when nancy wheeler decided that it would be a good time to barge in and drag Steve Harrington away from the basketball game that the boys were playing. She shut the door so loudly it echoed across the room.

She heard someone walking towards her and taking a seat beside her.

"Hello mama bear"

Arya groaned at the sound of the one and only billy hargrove. She turned her head to glare at him. "What do you want?"

"Relax baby I'm just saying hi" billy smirked stretching his arms over his head to show off his biceps. A shiny layer of sweat coated his chest. Instead Aryra scrunched up her nose at the smell. "I won keg king last night , baby" he bragged. Getting annoyed when she didn't open her eyes.

"Impressive. Thanks for the candy by the way" Aryra yawned , stretching her own arms over her head , drawing Billy's attention to her perky breasts making him grin. "Freya loved it".

" Good to know. You know you ain't half bad Hill" billy remarked leaning back.

"HARGROVE GET BACK ON THE COURT" coach yelled up at them. Face red from shouting.

"See ya around princess" he winked before walking away.


After school arya couldn't find Jonathan or his car in the parking lot.

Asshole left without her.

With a huff she started walking when a blue camaro stopped in front of her. A familiar face behind the wheel with a cocky grin. A red head sat in the passenger seat.

"Need a ride" billy asked raising an eyebrow looking at her up and down and grinning. "Hop in".

He rudely told the red head to get in the back before reaching across to open the door for her. " Where to"

"Thanks billy" arya sighed as she sat in the car and he drove out of the school parking lot. " the store please I need to pick up Freya and go to work".

"As it happens that's on my way" billy lied. Max looking at him as if he grew two heads. He never took anyone anywhere and the store was on the other side of town away from their house. Since when did he like to help people.

Arya finally took notice of the red head in the backseat and turned her head to look at her. "I'm arya" she introduced herself with a small smile to male the girl relax.

"Max" the girl now called max responded. "So are you his new play thing" she said rudely. Billy glared harshly at her from his car mirror.

Rather than get angry like max expected arya burst into laughter. She shook in her seat near tears. Finally getting it under control she looked back at max. "Considering I had a baby a month ago he's definitely not getting sex from me".

Max's eyes widened at the news of the teen in front of her having a baby. Billy chuckled at her answer. "You have a baby" max asked in shock.

Arya smiled thinking of her daughter. The light of her life. "Her names Freya" she smiled at him.

"And adorable" billy added finally dropping her off at the store. He turned to look at her asking "do you want me to wait and drive you to work or are you good here".

" I'll just be a second and I'll be right back. Again thanks so much I really appreciate it" she answered and left the car and went into the store.

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