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Having to wake up at 3 am is tiring. Lena Luthor never knew to apply makeup could take up to 2 hours and putting up a ball gown could be so painful. Beauty really is a pain. If only she could walk into her debut ball with her nightgown messy hair and bare face...

That would seriously be the talk of the nation.

"Are you nervous?", asked Clarke as he offers her hand to the young lady.

Politely, Lena hooks their arms together. It is expected for the debut girl to come to the ball side-by-side with her escort.

"A little bit, your highness."

Standing just outside the ballroom's door, the lady of the house takes a deep breath. This is it. All those dance and manner lessons were for this day.

It's hard to believe she is finally making her debut to society.

Clark can't help but smile at the cute sight of nervous Lena. Clearing his throat, the king looks straight to the door. The battle is about to begin.

"Lena, call me Clark. You're family now."

He said at the lost moment before the door was opened by the guards.

"Announcing the arrival of the lady of the house, Lena Luthor and her escort, his majesty, the king!"

As soon as they stepped into the ballroom, Lena can hear the people whispering. She had to bute the inside of her mouth to stop her lips from twitching.

This is unexpectedly overwhelming.

So many people are looking at her. Some with jealousy in their eyes, some with curiosity and there even some people looking at her with hatred.

Her eyes roam around the room to find Kara. There is no sight of the blonde.

Silly... She won't show herself in public. Kara has her secret identity to protect.

Just as Lena started to give up on seeing her husband in this ball, the entrance door was opened once again.

"The gentleman of the house, the one and only, Kyle Danvers!"

A tall blonde walk confidently into the ballroom. He is wearing a white suit embroidered with golden thread. It was crystal clear it was designed specifically to match with the white gown Lena is wearing.

Although he is wearing a masquerade mask, Lena knew that 'he' is a 'she'. Kara may have completely fooled everyone in that ballroom but Lena knew who she's married to. (Well, not at first but now she knew.)

Once she is standing in front of Lena, Kara slightly bend her upper body as she reaches out Lena's hand and kissed the back of her wife's palm.

"You look wonderful as always, my love.", flatter Kara.

Lena could barely suppressed the smirk that was treaten to come out.

"Oh, do I? I didn't know you would make an appearance in such a petty event as today."

Kara chuckled at the sarcasm in her wife's tone. How could she not attend her wife's debs?

Just by showing up in this ball, Kara have prove to the society that her wife have The Phantom's back. This will, of course, ensure that people would take Lena serious whenever the brunette will attend formal occasions on her behalf. Having Clark as her escort also strengthen Lena's influence in the noble society.

Lena Luthor's debutante ball is far from a 'petty event'.

"What can I say, my love? I like surprises."

Kara answered with a smile.

For a moment there, Lena had expected a comeback from her 'husband'. She didn't think The Phantom would just brush it off like that.

Seeing how dumbfounded Lena is, Clark finally decided to make himself heard.

"Ahem... Why don't we greet the guests and then start the dinner so we can get to the dancing faster?"


Both Kara and Lena stare at each other before Kara broke the staring contest with a wide grin. The Phantom simply rise her hand up in the air. Almost immediately, a butler with a silver tray on his hand appear next to her. Casually, the blonde grab a glass of champagne and a spoon from the butler.

She clinked the spoon the the champagne's glass, a formal yet polite way of gaining her guests' attention.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the house. I hope you will have a great time here. Enjoy the feast."

Kara turn to look at the two big tables filled with various type of foods on the side of the room. Everyone was amazed.

Not by the foods tho.

They are amazed by the punch fountain on the middle of the table. The fountain was twice the size of a normal fountain. Rather than the normal fountain than are with silver, the fountain was made of glass. What really amazed them tho is the small statue on top of fountain.

A statue of Lena Luthor standing confidently.

Lena can't help but smile.

"My, my, such a grand gesture."

"Only the best for the best.", Kara grin.

Somehow in the back of her mind the brunette can feel something changed inside Kara. Her husband seems to be more confident tonight which is quite rare to be seen in their daily life.

Should Lena be scared? Of what? The brunette are not entirely sure...

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