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A strong desire to hold a person in your arms

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"Hey," Sage heard Xander's low voice close to his ear. He almost passed out. "Is this okay?"


Sage didn't respond. He absolutely couldn't. His Broca's Aphasia failed to jumpstart, until a strange, fuzzy sensation registered in his brain, of Xander nuzzling his nose against his shoulder.


Don't move, calm down.

"U-uh..." get. A. Grip. "I'm uh-h-huh." he tried again, "Um..."


Xander tried again. He let his nose brush over the sleeve of Sage's sleeve for a second time, just so he could have another serving of Sage's overly tempting scent; the one he just couldn't get enough of. "Snowflake?"

T-there's that name again.

"O-oh, X-Xan, y-you're a l-little..." too close. The blond squeezed his eyes shut as he tried to relax again. "Y-yes."

Vibrations spiraled through Sage when Xander chuckled.

H-he's laughing! Why is he laughing?!

Holy donuts...

I'm sitting in his...

His lap!

"Then, está bem, Sage. Relaxe?"

Hearing Xander's gentle tone again, it was then that Sage realized that Xander wouldn't hurt him. It was okay.

But despite knowing that, Sage had to wonder what Xander was doing, why, and how.

"O-okay, Xander."

Sage couldn't help wondering if Xander liked him, if even 0.1% more than 'just a friend'.

N-no way...

I-if he did, that would mean he'd want to ... k-kiss me again, right?


A-and in any case, I don't think I could handle that!

"I think I'm better now."

They sat in silence, but it was comfortable and ... sweet. Xander had completely underestimated how warm, soft and lovable Sage was. He was the embodiment of everything Xander needed at that point in time, and he wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Yet, he itched for something else.

"Ah, X-Xan?" Sage broke the silence.


"I ... t-tell me about your mom."

Xander stiffened, and it took a few minutes of silence that drifted between them for him to relax again. Though Sage knew that he shouldn't try to open and unhealed wound, he wanted to learn more about Xander and his past, and something told him that there wouldn't be another chance like the one he had.

In an instance, Xander's eyes fluttered back closed.

"What you wanna know?"

"E-everything," Sage replied. "Or anything. A-anything at all. Ah ... like w-where you were born, where you learned Portuguese, your childhood with her, and ... um... t-things like that."

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