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While the others were at dinner, both Kinnon and Aiya made their plans to leave. Aiya carefully snuck to the stables alongside Kinnon. She had wished that her dress was a bit easier to move in, and it caused her to stumble a few times since they were moving quickly. Upon reaching the stables, Kinnon carefully made his way to the stall that held his horse. He found the tack and began placing it carefully on the back of the horse.

A horse neighed behind Aiya, causing her to jump.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

Kinnon stopped pulling on the leather straps for a moment. "I can't stay here... I can't stay here and turn into this... this Seer."

She stepped over to him. "What about your brother?"

"If he wants to stay then that's his choice, but me... I can't."

"Alright," she offered him a small smile as he finished strapping the last leather strap. She looked down to her dress, part of her wishing that she could go change. But if she did, that would risk them getting caught. We're they actually free to leave? Could they leave?

She shrugged. They were fixing to find out. She looked to Kinnon. "Do you have a knife I can borrow?" 

He looked up, surprised. "What for?"

"Just..." she breathed out. "Do you?"

He reached into his vest and pulled out a short silver dagger, then handed it to her. 

She took it and reached down, ignoring his confused gaze, and cut the bottom of her dress off all the way up to just above her ankles. She then cut a slit up the side to her knee, stood back up and handed him the knife back. 

"Someone's gotten resourceful." He said as he lead the the horse out from the stall.

"I've been around you, so I guess something has paid off." She said, smirking.

And that's when she saw him smile. One thing she had rarely seen him do. "Why, Kinnon Black," She said, "You do smile." 

He shocked his head and lead the horse out to the courtyard, still smiling to himself. He stopped just outside of the doors and offered his hand to help her up onto the saddle. She took it, and mounted. She was right in cutting the dress, she would have never been able to mount the horse if she hadn't. Though, it was a shame, really. It was a magnificent dress.

He took the reins and pulled himself up into the saddle in front of her. She wrapped her arms around her, burying her head in his back. "And so, the princess finds out that the bounty hunter has a heart after all this time..." she whispered.

She not only heard, but also felt, his short laughter before he nudged the horse into a walk, then into a gallop. They raced down the the stone street, and through the open gateway. The night air was chilled against her skin, causing her to pull herself closer to Kinnon. 

Her mind wandered over to the question of what she was going to do when they reached Falenor. Kinnon has promised to take her there, and that's what they were doing. But once they reached Falenor—what then? After all of this, everything that they had been through, were they just going to part ways?

She couldn't ask him to stay with her... it was likely that he wouldn't. He didn't seem like the type to conform to the ways of royal living. And he hadn't asked her to stay with him, so could she? She didn't want to leave him... but... 

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